Louisana Cooking

in #food4 years ago

In my past job for 30 years I traveled all over the world. I am an amateur chef and have been very interested in the foods i have experienced!
Some great foods have dissapeared, I was in school at Derby, England in 1960. back then the english fishing fleet supplied fresh whitefish via the daily fish train which arrived at all points in england by 6 am every morning. The fish&chips shop owners were always there in the early morn to get that days fish for sale in their fish&chips store. Back in 1960 there was a fish&chips shop on every othe corner in Derby. The fish&chips were magnificent!!!
50 years ago there was still a dried salt cod business in Massachusetts, you could get quality ingredients for Bacalao cheap! totally gone!
Got to say after experiencing foods all over the world, my favorite is cajun/creole from Louisana, USA!