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Last week I enjoyed a well deserved winter vacation with my family. Often for me vacation is a time for getting all the work done that I am behind with,(Not my day job work but my self employed projects, such as knives and swords) but this time it was family time.

One of the things we enjoy when together, is dining out. A great thing about having big kids is that they start enjoying the same things as us (truth be told , when it comes to food it has been like that for quite a while) and so we haven’t been to Mc Donalds for at least 15 years :-)
This post is going to be about our visit at Karma Sushi in kødbyen(the Meat City) in Copenhagen.
We have been there once before and it is a Sushi bar with a rather loose definition of sushi and a focus on really luxury ingredients.
We ordered a menu that would take us through most of their specialties and then we ordered a few complimentary dishes along the way.
The first one I will tell you about is the caviar. You will have to excuse my horrid pictures. I am obviously not a true instagrammer and I tend to enjoy the food far to much to remember to take pictures, but this time My kids asked me if I could document it since it was quite a feast for the eyes.

the caviar (I believe it is Italian caviar) is real sturgeon caviar and it actually is very delicious. I know a lot of people think it is overrated and it is definitely not an everyday dish, but I find it very tasty and different from other types of roe. It was served with some kind of rice chips avocado cream , and some kind of green plant that tasted a bit like green peas, which worked rather well with it.

after that we had a truffle and sunroot dish. The truffles was served both as a cream and also finely ground over the top. I find it quite interesting when these classical "European kitchen classics" are combined with a distinctly oriental taste. it worked quite well here at least.

Then came a lobster. This was a main reason for choosing this menu since we saw it on one of the other tables as we entered and it looked awesome. also we all really like al kinds of crustaceans, for my own part both because of the taste and because of the distinctly alien looks they have.

Then came a seaweed salad. I have been interested in seaweed for a long while for its gastronomic qualities and its nutritional value in almost equal measure.
One interesting thing is that apparently all kinds of macro algae(fancy word for seaweed) are edible, and quite a few of them are both very tasty and holds a lot of useful vitamins and nutrition. compared to one of my other interests, mushrooms, the fact that none of them will make you die horribly and painfully is a very nice feature.

Of course it wouldn’t be a sushi place if they did not also have more mundane sushi, although mundane is very wrong in relation with these. I try to avoid the endangered tune variants, but otherwise I thoroughly enjoy all kinds of sushi. there might have been a yellowfin somewhere on this plate but it was a very small sin.

Karma sushi is not a cheap place to eat, neither is Denmark in general, so this dinner(for 5 people) was quite expensive, but it was worth every penny. it was a great evening with the family and the food and the atmosphere was great.
Of course we didn’t spend a full week just eating, but I decided that the rest of what we did must be saved for another post.

until then.

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I have never tried sushi, never really even thought about it, I am not a great fan of the concept. But lately, my daughter keeps mentioning it and how much she'd like to try it, so it seems that I can't avoid it for much longer...

I had no idea that yellowfin tuna is an endangered species. Actually, when we last visited a gourmet restaurant here and I ordered that dish, the waiter was "regretful to announce that the dish is not currently served because the fishing season is off for yellowfins" -- now, I know!
As for eating out, my son is like a machine and eats like a grown man - in fact, like a old man, he prefers all the traditional foods that other kids hate, and he dislikes pizzas, toasts, sandwiches, etc; he is only 8 for heaven's sake! My daughter on the other hand is the exact opposite, she examines every discoloration and herb on her plate, picking it all carefully, putting aside anything that looks "suspicious" in her mind; she only likes gourmet dishes (the most expensive ones usually) with no questions asked. So, I can relate to your experience more or less, good to hear you all had a good time there.

I am no expert on tuna but I have heard that there are restrictions on yellowfin and bluefin, while skipjack is ok - apparently, again its only hearsay and i haven't really checked up on it. not even the otherwise mandatory quick websearch. My wife and I went to Japan on our honeymoon more than 20 years ago and since then (and actually also before, which is why we chose japan) I have loved everything japanese. There is much more to japanese cuisine than sushi, but sushi is the most readily available outside japan.
In Denmark we have a sushi/yakitori crossover called sticks and sushi which is a very nice compromise if part of the family is not too fond of raw fish on rice. yakitori is grilled food and much more palatable for most kids than sushi, while still retaining the overall aesthetic which appeal to so many people.

I ate like an old person when I was young as well @nyarlathotep loving things like liver and onions, pate', all kinds of fish (raw and cooked). I think it's because I was raised by very old parents and was often at adult functions so the food was just, well, adult and I was used to it. I HATED the stuff other kids ate especially tinned food like tinned spaghetti, no thanks.

We sort of create our palette at an early age I suppose?

Oh this looks like heaven @evilhippie all things I LOVE. I love roe and especially sturgeon caviar! I was lucky enough to be at a family tea party the other day and I think I gobbled up most of the salmon with caviar nibbles, like a greedy little fish-egg eating piggy :)

And of course I LOVE lobster, here in New England it isn't a Summer without Lobster and shell fish. We have even had it for our Thanksgiving and some Christmas dinners.

I'm drooling over here. Also Japanese seaweed salads are so good, the sesame seeds make it just perfect.

At my favorite brewery they have bathtubs full of Lager that they let me bathe in. I'd love a spa day of bathing in beer while enjoying this food.

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