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Crazy stuff eh? But of course, I don’t think it’s anywhere near the real deal in Tokyo (video below):-

Why am I always talking about Japanese stuff these days anyway? Lol.

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The Japanese cook is excellent. He seems to be doing business. Never seen before Omurice.

Why am I always talking about Japanese stuff these days anyway?

It is because you are expecting to marry a Japanese woman. Lol

I am outside my house for a long time and after looking at this picture i am feeling hungry. In fact more than hungry. I think your Gf belongs to Japan that is why you are sharing the stuff of Japanese culture :D :D


i wish :P

wow watching it till the end was satisfying :D

You could try and post stuff about that punching bag and similar stuff :P

I love cooking but I hate washing the dishes after

I love omurice I usually put a green onion red onion Japanese or Persian Cucumber since both are less bitter some peppers and minced garlic if you want it spicy sriracha or I sometimes use curry paste

I just made this but I didn't add the peppers and I used cocktail sausages instead of the ones you used. It tasted really good still tho lol

I just made this some days ago sooo good and qick it is really good with ponytail kimchii and sesame oil. I used turkey sasuage links Thanks Maangchi. You are the best💖💖💖

I always wondered about Japanese food. I want to visit your country one day. :)
thanks for sharing nice video
and good times!

I made this today for my son. He said it looked so good he didn't care that it had vegis, he would eat it. And he did! Thank you so much for such an amazing and beautiful recipe!

was the chef dancing?