100% Organic & Plantbased Cherry Cake! [DTube Cooking]

in food •  6 months ago

Trying out this new Niche as I am a huge Enthusiast of Plantbased Kitchen & realized pretty much no one is doing it on DTube

Expect Authentic & Organic Recipes that taste like Love & have the Potential to make you age backwards!

We always make that Food with Luv

Organic Cherry Cake Ingredients:

Pyrrhic Flour
Wheat Flour
Almond Flour
Organic Almond Milk
Organic Baking Soda
Agave Nectar
Ceylon Cinnamon
Organic Cocoa

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pro tip: that hand transition you are trying to do with your hand should be done through masking out one part of your hand and replacing it with the new video so that you actually reveal something when moving your hand.


Looks great @enjoyinglife :D
Good video and nice work. Keep it up!

You are doing a great job.. with a natural way with cooking your dlive videos are preety good.. keep doing it and let me follow you as a token of appreciation....

Sounds delicious, but I'm all out of pyrrhic flour, whatever that is.