Forever Seafood lover...

in #food2 years ago

Seafood flatter...

Seafood appetizer...

Hey guys...

Besides of being nemo lover, I am seafood lover. I love fish, I love shrimp, I love squid, I love sea shells and I love crabs forever!

That is my dinner tonight in a fine place with a fine foods. ;)

I love every sea foods!... Do you?? :D

Have a good night. Happy Steeming! :*


… ’til next time!

~ Lence
From Philippines


Yes, please!

yum yum ;)

I love sea food too, but i prefer mackrel and tuna fish, its rich in vitamin B. Wow such lovely food you eating

I like mackrel too. Just done eating my dinner again, I had fish. lol

Hahaha well its contrasting cuz i just had lunch. Are you on discord?

Yup I'm on discord sometimes.

Oh my gally wow!! I love seafoods too especially crabs and shrimps!!! This made me hungry again! 😭❤❤

Crabs is my number one fave. Gustong gusto ko yung mataba :)

aww me too!! sarap pag madaming alige!😭❤❤

hmmm salap!! fave ko ung may gata din :) ikaw anong mas gusto mong luto sa crabs?

Those are Nemo's friends. :)

Yup. thats why I love them too. Lol

Not much of a sea food lover, but definitely up for it every once in awhile.

Lobster is still on my bucketlist!

Lobster is the best too..

so much YUM in one place ! :D

Yup yummy yummy for my tummy.

making me hungry, i will buy some fresh prawns first thing tomorrow morning

hey there. How was your fresh prawns? ;)

It was relly nice, sorry late reply

I'm coming miss

come with me ;)

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I Crave for those SHRIMPS & crabs 😄
Nom nom ...

I follow-upvote -resteemed u

Im new with Steemit hoping i can Read more blogs from You..

Thank you ;) welcome to steemit :) followed you..

yummy! that's a bit ironic.. that the nemo girl like to eat seafood.. :P what do clown fish eat? i luv tahong..

Lol. Because I love seafood... :D Mostly ORA pellets and then flake food. They can also eat the leftovers from fish on the anemone and algae... Oh I like tahong also. Have u tried the baked tahong? That's really yummy. hehe

yes! luv the baked mussel with cheese! :) hmmmm, very interesting about what nemo eats.. I will have to research that more.. have a great day!

Sarap naman, kagutom. :)