It seems incredibly delicious!!!! Bon Appetit...

Thank you! :)

Wow it looks delicious and amazing.....I just love the decoration so much....thanks for sharing the recipe

I'm glad you like it! :)

You're a really a good chef dear friend. It seems very beautiful and very delicious @emilyl !

Wow, this is a beautiful post. I’m not vegan, but I think I want to make this because it just looks DELICIOUS no matter your diet (which is how all good food should be!)

Thank you :)

Chocolate and orange... You are tempting me to take a bite out of my monitor! Those looks yummy as!!

Hmm, this seems like a recipe simple enough for me (I'm sooo lazy when it comes to cooking/baking). 😅 But the problem is that if I bake this, it'll be gone in no time... At least if it tastes as amazing as your photos are! 😋

Woooowww ! It looks delicious... Congratulations :)

Thanks! It is really good, I can't wait to go and make some evening tea and take a slice soon :D

Thanks for sharing dessert recipe, love it.... and love find somenew vegan stuff😊😉

This is looking so good, but im too lazy to try and make it

Haha :D

delicious post! read in the morning :) cheesecake is my favorite. favorite cake! your cheesecake looks amazing. must be very delicious ♥

Thank you, I'm a big fan of cheesecakes as well, they are just so good! :)

Ohhh myyy god ! It seems to be soooo good ! ;-)

It is! I really like the way this turned out :)

Ok you're killing me here. This stuff is unreal!! I'm following you from now on. Keep it coming, lady!!

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