This looks amazing! I definitely want to try this as it is both healthy and surely yummy :D I checked out your other recipes and they are all awesome! Thank you for sharing them :)

Thanks you so much! Lovely to hear that you like my posts :)

Looks so good! 😍 Thanks for the tip, I didn't know that soy yogurt would work so well, I have to give this one a try 😋

I only learned it recently as well, but it's really nice for things like this one :)

This looks so good! Will give this a try once I can get my hands on some berries. They are so hard to find in Cambodia!

Wow. This is a whole new level, Emily! Absolutely delicious!! Thanks for sharing.

Thank you :)

I thought it was pizza at the beginning @emilyl. I will try to do this recipe it seems easy. Have a nice day dear friend


A perfect recipe for Pi Day! ;)

Thank you :)

Wow this looks delicious! Looks like a recipe I'm using this weekend:D

Lovely! :)

That’s awesome , I haven’t baked blueberry pie with yogurt , I tried like regular one from school in the multicultural class so that I know more about Finns and Finnish culture , it looks so yummy , enjoy x

Compliments to the chef!

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