Flavor Therapy |#1

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Hi everyone! I wanted to introduce to you my new food series called "Flavor Therapy", where I bring you into my kitchen and show you how I cook my delicious and nutritious meals throughout the day, its my therapy! I love food and try my best to always keep it on the healthier side without ever leaving behind, the F L A V O R.

Oven Roasted-- Chicken breast, peppers,onions & sweet potato wedges.

Miami's weather has been really bipolar lately, one second its so hot and sunny that you need oven mitts to grab onto your steering wheel while driving (not exaggerating) and the next second you're re evaluating if its worth leaving your house because of the never ending rain. So.. today was one of those days. I decided to cancel my last minute dinner reservations with my boyfriend, we were planning to go to a fancy shmancy asian fusion restaurant in downtown Miami but instead made one of my favorite meals instead because that 30 minute drive in the rain isn't worth it.


This is a quick and easy meal to make on a day that you just don't want to be keeping an eye on the stove every 2 minutes with hot pots and pans. Everything goes directly in the oven @450 degrees F, leave a timer on for 20 minutes and walk away to catch up on Netflix or Steemit... while it all gets cooked up. This is a meal I eat all the time, it is literally my favorite. I also always like to cook sweet potatoes because it goes with everything and not to mention their so yummy with which ever seasoning you choose to put on it. Oh! and you can't forget a glass of champagne to celebrate your victorious dinner 😄







  • Preheat oven to 450 degrees F.
  • Slice chicken breast into cutlets , wash and pat dry.
  • Spray your pan with a nonstick cooking spray.
  • Season chicken with your favorite seasoning. ( I use Ms. Dash Garlic and herb salt seasoning, Himalayan pink salt, Paprika and a small amount chilli powder to add some heat).
  • Drizzle 1 tbsp of oil or butter to on the seasoned chicken breast.
  • Cut peppers and onions into 1 inch pieces and place them in the pan with the chicken.
  • Cut sweet potatoes into wedges and drizzle with 1 tbsp of olive oil, season with salt, pepper, garlic powder, paprika, and a pinch of chilli powder.
  • Lay the sweet potatoes on another sheet pan with non-stick cooking oil.
  • Set timer on for 20 minutes and let the chicken cool 5-10 mines after its finished baking.

Ask me any questions you have in the comments section!

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Great idea! I love that you're writing about something you're so passionate about. It may be slow, but I believe you'll definitely grow to have a big following if you keep going. Oh yeh, and your food looks absolutely amazing!


Thank you so much, you are really motiving! Im loving my journey with steemit so far, I will be improving my quality along the way :)

Welcome to Steem @emelyeucebio I have sent you a tip

OMG this meal + wine + wearing pjs sounds like absolute heaven to me!!


Especially when theres a thunderstorm outside haha. It was a really rainy day.

I've Upvoted for sure. happy to meet you in this big family.
looking forward to your next post.
You can follow my food blog to know more about me @fatkid


Thanks so much :)

Yuuuum Flavor Therapy is such a good name :) I am excited about all the recipes I'm gonna find on steemit! look forward to more in this series :)


Definitely, thanks so much! Stay tuned :)

You really cook well! Let me try this out later
but the first thing is I need to buy an oven...:(


Thanks so much! You can also try this recipe on a stove or grill. 5 minutes on one side then flip the chicken and give it another 5 minutes :)

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They are very serious about this stuff. Also reusing 'introduceyourself' gets frowned upon. For multiple infractions they start down voting, bigger fish have that power. Great article though, well put together and a recipe I can get behind, quick, easy and flavorful. Thanks.


Ive seen loads of people do it, I didn't know it causes so much havoc. I used it because I was introducing something new to my blog. I am aware now, thanks so much for the kind comment.

Love your concept of creating healthy meals while not leaving behind the F L A V O R.

Good-tasting healthier food recipes would help us all live healthier!

Looking forward to more from your new series! :)


Thats what I say! Healthy makes you feel good inside and outside :) Thank you so much.

That looks really tasty and easy to make. I'll be trying this out for myself too.


Its really simple! Let me know how it goes :)

@emelyeucebio this looks delicious, I might actually begin to enjoy sweet potatoes.


Thank so much! Sweet potatoes are super yummy which ever way you cook it. Also, has many health benefits :D

huumm, this seems very good!!:o


All I forgot was some salad! But yes, it was really fulfilling :)


yes, true!!thanks!!:)

Looks great, thanks for the recipe


Thank you Avilio! Its my pleasure :)

That looks really good @emelyeucebio, I love potatoes!


Thanks so much! I love potatoes in every form possible ^.^


Me too, I don't understand those who don't like potatoes!


Right?! They are a gift from earth!!!

Excellent post. Can I recommend you part boil the potatoes first for 5 minutes, drain, then do as you say. You will get a much better end product, X


Definitely thanks for the tip!

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Good luck with Steem.....:)


Thanks so much ^.^

oh wow! This looks so delicious! Way to go!


Thanks so much! It was yummy :)

I would stay home for that too ;) though Asian fusion sounds yum too!


Thanks ^.^ I think I made the right choice.

Upvoted and Followed for more great healthy recipes. Your right about the crazy weather too, I am on the West Coast of Florida and we have had constant drought all year and now like a week straight of crazy winds and torrential rains.


Tell me about it! Last few weeks it has been rainging non stop, like thunderstorms. Today we got a little break, its pretty sunny and HOT haha :) followed back!


Bienvenido a la Florida lol. We did need the rain here though. Keep up the great work, we need more health conscious recipe creators in this world.


Definitely will! And same to you :)

Entertaining post! Looks EXTREMELY delicious :D


Thanks so much, I try my hardest to do the best that I can :)