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A while back I watched a video where someone was whining about "food insecurity", and blaming it (and potential future worsening) on "climate change".

Fair enough. But any current or future trouble from AGCC or "food insecurity" is blood on the hands of central planners.

Individual action, motivated by self interest, would solve the problems. Only when the Grand Designs of Central Planners get in the way, with their "laws" and other one-size-fits-all nonsense, does individual action run into roadblocks.

If your grandkids or great-grandkids are starving in a future of bare store shelves and a destroyed climate, it won't be greedy free-marketeers who are most to blame-- rather it will be those who thought they knew how to run the world: government and the other "smart" archators. Hold them accountable NOW.


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I once read an article that talked about how the reason there is so much starvation/poverty in africa is because of all the "dumping" of excess supply from developed countries and foriegn aid..... such that an african farmer who wants to sell food for 1$ cant compete with free, so he goes out of business...

Fascinating how helping actually hurts.... its similar to central planning.... the bean counters attempt to help but only end up hurting

You've said it all

good post bro!!


well said!