Yummy or Yucky: Stinky Cheese!

in #food4 years ago (edited)

Dudi: I love stinky cheese! The End.

Daddy: That's not much of an article, is it!?

Dudi: OK, maybe I should say a bit more. I cannot remember when I first tasted it, but I could see that my father was enjoying himself with this cheese that smelled of rancid old socks. When I was very young he would let me try a little bit and it felt all stinging on my tongue. But after some time, I made my taste buds change and thought, "Mmmm, that does taste yummy!"

It still tastes like iron but it is also smooth and creamy. Here in Thailand cheese is very expensive as it is all imported. This also means that very few people buy it and the shopping mall sometimes has special offers, like "buy 1 get 1 free" - that's when we stock up!

Daddy: It's not really called "stocking up" when you eat the lot in 2 days!

Dudi: {grin} That may be true, but that's just because it is so delicious! I don't like milk - it makes my tummy wobble - but I do like cheese. Danish Blue is easy to buy here (see picture) and I've also had Italian Gorgonzola and Dolcelatte as well as English Stilton; maybe more but I can't remember their names.

Daddy: Well, I don't know any other 9 year-olds who like to eat stinky blue cheese. Maybe I'll find for you some cheese with worms inside!

Dudi: No!! That is truly disgusting! Although, thinking about it, in Thailand people do eat insects and worms. But we're running away into another article....

Please leave a comment. Is stinky cheese Yummy or Yucky? And do you know of any other kids who think it's delicious?

Can I say "The End!" now?

Daddy: Go on then...

Dudi: The End!

I will post some pics of me actually eating this stuff soon - as soon as Daddy figures out how to do it quickly!

Please comment and upvote and follow and resteem and... go buy some blue cheese.


Yes, I'll have to take a photo of Dudi impersonating Wallace.

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