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Hello Dear Steemians!

I just want to share with you a very simple recipe of my own version

of Roast Chicken. Since I got allergic to many condiments, I tried

using the very basic ingredients!

I think this time, I didn't get an allergy but still tasty and I love it!

Roast Chicken for Chinese New Year C.jpg


1 whole chicken ( big size, meaty)

Salt and Pepper


Clean the whole chicken thoroughly.

Pat dry with Paper towel.

Rub the whole chicken with enough cooking salt.

Then sprinkle with generous amount of ground black pepper.

Preheat oven on 200C.

Roast Chicken for Chinese New Year B.jpg

Roast the Chicken for 20minutes in 200C

then lower to 180C for another 40 minutes.

Roast Chicken for Chinese New Year A.jpg

Let it rests for a while before carving.

There, you have a very simple Roast Chicken!

Roast Chicken for Chinese New Year.jpg

Thank you very much for dropping by!


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this is awesome..would love to make it soon.. i am new here.. i need guides to hitting the mark..

Thank you very much for stopping by @empopson. Welcome to steemit!
I'm glad you made it here. I'm already one year old here but since I'm working, sometimes I got
no time to make a post which is the source of our reward here. Making original posting will have a better
opportunity to be noticed and be given an upvote, To engaging in comments will also boost your
popularity and if you want to follow someone just click follow. We don't beg for upvote but
if you have a great post someone will notice you. Try reading also ... there are lots of information
around don't join any group yet until you are sure that it's not going to steal your voting power.
I started like you, but I just keep on posting. My posts were mostly food, my original recipe.
Good luck and again thank you for dropping by.