Craving satisfied!!! 🤤🤤

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Hello Stmeemianssss!!

Hello Jollibeeeeeee!! Finally after 2 months we meet again!


Jollibee, did you know that I was looking for you last night? You make me feel sad and missed you so much that’s why we decided to visit you earlier! 🙈🙈😅😅

Jollibee at Al Rigga, Dubai
It seems like Jollibee is so happy to see me, look at that smile! Hahahahaha! 😅😅 jokeee!

By the way I’m with my beshiewaps @theree2389 today! Yes naman! Pak ganern! Auraaaa! Hahaha! Loveyah! 😅😘💕


So there we are here now at jollibee and I’m starving already and ready for a heavy meal!! 😈🤤🤪😋

*droolingggggg 🤤🤤🤤😅😅😅 *

While Teresa is a giving our order, I was looking for our seat. And finally I found one and it’s beside Jollibee’s picture in the wall. It was really meant for us coz Jollibee missed me too. Haha! 😅😅


And finally the order is hereee!! Teresa ordered a meal of burger steak with spaghetti and for me is ofcourse spaghetti with chicken plus extra rice. 😋😋


I just posted last night that I’m craving for Jollibee and finally craving satisfied!! 😋😋

Thank you Jollibee for making me happy today. You made my tummy happy and it makes me feel I’m home coz “Bida ang Saya!!” 😉

Let’s spread the good vibes!! 😉

God bless steemians!

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had to upvote the JOLLIBEE! good for u finding it over there. hmmmmmm, its been awhile since I had that..

Thank you! You have to try jollibee again. Aside from making your tummy full it gives you a lil happiness too. ☺️ Jollibee will always be Jollibee for Filipinos.

:) yay! yes, there is one right by my condo. plus, we order from there sometimes..

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Thanks for giving me the idea what to have this lunch. Thanks for posting. Done upvoting. Have a wonderful day.

Enjoy your lunch! :)

But sadly about an hour from now. or maybe later than that time. (sobbing)

I hope you got the chance already to dine in at jollibee today. 😅☺️

Yep, finally had one. sadly unable to document it. before i could remember it everything vanish. lol

Hahahaha! I can say that you really enjoyed you’re meal! Hahaha! And jollibee doesn’t fail us all the time. 😅😉

Satisfied customer here. Despite the agonizing period of waiting, the moment you are feasting on it and savoring it is heaven. we are fortunate we got to taste of heaven every now and then. lol.

Pero ako pa din love ni Jobee kase magkamukha na kami😂

Hahaha! Buti nga mag kamukha kayo. Eh kami ng mag ka tummy ni jollibee. Hahahha

Nice to meet you here...Good writing....
Enjoy the weekend there...

Aw. Thank you for giving time to read my blog. Have a great day!