Food for Thoughts #3 - Grazziana Pizza, Pagadian City

in #food3 years ago

A photo from my friend

One of the most wanted places to go to is a food place. Satisfaction from hunger and as well as cravings for all sorts of goodies, indeed a comforting feeling and could mark huge smiles to everybody.

Grazania is one of the famous restaurants in Pagadian City because of its ambiance and their delicious foods. As we entered inside one of the things that amazed me is there cute designs. Since it is the month of March one of the trending design is all about graduation. They have this hanging graduation hat that is so cute.

They also have affordable foods yet very delicious that will really satisfy your craving. Foods that could really comfort a person in need.


Congrats! We've included this post in our daily compilation. :)

I suggest when you post food blogs, make a detailed review of the place, the food, service, make it a minimum of 500 words, hopefully guild curators like @curie and @ocd can find it and upvote it.:)

Thankyou for the advise ;) okay I will, nextime

Now I'm craving huhuhu

Yes sarap kayu ate hahahuhuhuh ako pod gutom hahahahha always

Hahahahaha hello fats!

makitan rani siya sa national highway? or dili pa?

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