Coto Makassar

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Coto Makassar or Mangkasara is a traditional food of Coto Makassar, South Sulawesi. This meal made from offal (entrails) beef simmered in a long time. Mixed beef offal stew then slices and then flavored with Marinades and fresh in particular. Coto was served in a bowl and eaten with ketupat and "burasa ". Currently Coto Mangkasara already spread to various regions in Indonesia, starting at roadside stalls to restaurant.


There is no official record on one of the traditional specialties of Makassar. Coto Makassar allegedly has been around since the days of the Kingdom of Gowa i.e. Somba Opu has ever succeeded in 1538. Coto Makassar is the high art of gourmet dishes become special dishes for the ranks of the Royal Palace of Gowa. But some also said that it was created by culinary commoners and presented to the Royal guards before serving to keep the Kingdom in the morning.


Coto makassar flavour enhanced by the combination of Chinese food tradition is indeed already present in the 16th century. The ancient Chinese herb seasoning usage namely sambal Tao-co combined with 40 kinds of local spice herb (Rampah Patang Pulo) which is a local condiment. With a blend of spices that coto Makassar became food soups with the aroma of the spices. The uniqueness of the coto makassar another in addition to the meat, there is also a form of organ meats liver, heart, spleen, intestine and the other where the innards are usually not found on any kind of soup. By way of specific processing, the main complement of offal in Jogja. Without giblets, coto Makassar lost sensation.

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