Embracing the Darkness: My Eclipse Day Menu

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Watching a total eclipse of the sun may be a “once in a lifetime” opportunity. The August 21 solar eclipse passes through much of the continental United States, but its path lies far to the north of me. So my plan was to take the kids out of school, spend one day driving north and then another day driving back south, just so we could brag to other people that we saw the total eclipse for a few seconds. That was Plan A.

Eclipse path through North America. Source: NOAA.

So I managed to book a hotel in the eclipse belt, which wasn’t an easy task since they are quite full (and overpriced). In fact, the traffic on the interstate highways will be heavy, since so many people from population centers are driving to the same spots to see this much hyped eclipse. Since I booked a couple of months ago, my intended hotel has called me several times asking if I would cancel my reservation (since I assume they have jacked up the price since then and could get more for the room from someone else).

Yesterday, I gave them what they wanted. I cancelled my hotel reservation at the Acme Motel in Throckmorton Slough or whatever the place was called. I won’t be one of the people driving for hours to see the dark sun for a few seconds. I’m going to miss this eclipse.

I cancelled Plan A because no one else in my family wanted to go. My kids actually want to be in school that Monday, since the school year is just beginning and they aren’t bored with it yet. My wife said she needs to work that day and told me to watch the eclipse on TV. Then she suggested that I could drive to Idaho and watch the eclipse by myself. Wait, did she mean I should take a one-way trip to Idaho or come back afterwards?

My Plan A was a family trip. I don’t care about seeing the sun go dark for a few seconds; I simply hoped that my kids might care. Since they don’t, I’m not going to waste two days driving by myself. It’s on to Plan B: staying home.

My dog suggested we have an eclipse day party. I told him I might be the only one staying home with him that morning, so it might be a party for two. The dog doesn’t eat my food and I don’t eat his, so we had a tough time agreeing on a menu. In the end, we went with fruit and cheese, which both of us will eat.

The Fruit

My dog likes a little fruit. Apples, pears, and stone fruits seem to appeal to him. I’ll eat anything in season. Since we don’t have any local apples as black as a solar eclipse, I’ll go with the darkest fruit that’s in season in the late summer: prune plums.

PrunePlums SpecialtyProduce.png
Prune plums. Credit: Specialty Produce.

More people are familiar with dried prunes than fresh ones, but this is what they look like fresh. In taste, they are similar to other European plums. In other words, they have sweet, dense flesh, with much less juice than the Asian plums that dominate the market in my area. Even while Asian plums and pluots (plum-apricot crosses) are more popular here, fresh prune plums make a great late summer treat.

There is plenty of symbolism in this choice of fruit. On the outside, prune plums are purple or deep blue, evoking the darkness of outer space. Their shape is oval, resembling the elliptical orbit of a planetary body around its larger host. When you cut them open, plums have a golden interior with a pit at the core. If you squint your eyes, you can imagine Saturn or perhaps a cross-section of the earth’s interior.

Sugar DWN.jpg
Sugar prunes. Credit: Dave Wilson Nurseries.

Prune plums put us in astronomical territory.

The Cheese

So what goes well with this fruit? Cheese, of course. But in keeping with the eclipse theme, it must be darkened or two-tone cheese. And I have the perfect choice: Humboldt Fog Cheese. While any self-respecting French person will tell you the best cheeses come from France, that statement was once true of wines as well. With wine, the French simply had a 500-year head start on some other parts of the world when it came to quality, but others began to catch up as they learned which grapes grew best in their microclimates. In 1973, French wine judges in Paris conducted a blind taste test in the so-called Judgment of Paris, famously selecting Napa Valley wines from the United States over their French counterparts as the winners in both categories.

Humboldt Fog Cheese cc arndog.jpg
Humboldt Fog Cheese. Credit: CC via Flickr by Arndog.
Humboldt Fog Cheese cc allaboutgeorge.jpg
Humboldt Fog Cheese. Credit: CC via Flickr by Allaboutgeorge.

If you asked me several years ago, I would have said that there is no cheese in the U.S. that is equal to what you can taste in France. French cheeses are simply better. But the craft food movement in the U.S. has introduced better quality in so many fields, from cheese to chocolate. And while much has been written about the cheese I am about to describe (which has won multiple awards), it has taken me several years of tasting this cheese to fully grasp its complexity and make a definitive statement on the matter:

“Humboldt Fog Cheese is the most important cheese ever made in America. It is equal to anything I have tasted in France.” ---@donkeypong

BOOM. The silence is so, so, so…silent that you can hear a pin drop just at that moment the moon blocks out the sun. Since donkeys know their cheeses, and this one is not paid by the cheese maker for recommending its product, you’ll have to trust me on this until you can find somewhere that sells this stuff. It’s multi-layered, light and yet heavy, it’s almost two cheeses in one, and the only real parallel I can give you is Teahupoo.

Tea-hoo-what? Teahupoo; it’s a surf spot in Tahiti.

Hamilton's wave in Teahupoo. Photo: Tim McKenna, Surfer Magazine.

It’s been called the thickest wave and the heaviest wave. Seventeen years ago this month, surf legend Laird Hamilton dropped into a wave at the surf break in Tahiti known as Teahupoo. The full force of the South Pacific broke over this line of reef that’s so shallow it almost touches the surface. While others had surfed at Teahupoo, no one had ever seen someone ride a wave like this. Hamilton didn’t have to ride that wave to prove he was a bad-ass surfer, but the fact that he did ride it encouraged surfers and other extreme sports enthusiasts around the world to test new limits.

They called it the most important wave ever surfed because it showed human beings can reach new heights of extremity. Just like Humboldt Fog Cheese could be the most important cheese in America: it shows that more is possible outside of France. Like the Teahupoo wave, Humboldt fog cheese is a double-layer of complexity, almost two cheeses in one.

Humboldt Fog cc Mindonfire.jpg
Humboldt Fog Cheese, first overlayed on the wave image credited above. On this wedge of cheese, you can see the different layers and the ripening process that begins on the outside. Credit: CC by mindonfire.

The first thing you notice is the vein of ash that runs through this cheese, made from edible vegetable ash. In keeping with our eclipse theme, this darkness runs around the outside as well, where the ash layer actually is buried in the edible mold rind.

Humboldt Fog is a goat’s milk cheese and at its core, when fresh, it tastes like a smooth chevre. Yet it is made as a soft-ripened cheese with a process much like that used for Brie or Camembert, which ripen from the outside in. When fresh, the cheese’s complex character only becomes fully evident when you reach the outer portion near the rind. There, all bets are off, because you’re in French cheese territory. To taste an American cheese with that kind of live, nutty, tangy, and salty complexity is to appreciate that this is a special confection.

And it only gets better as this wedge of goodness ages, since more and more of the cheese ripens toward the core. Imagine rolling together and layering the flavors of chevre, brie, and blue cheese, maintaining one of the smoothest consistencies you can imagine, adding in the earthy nuttiness of the ash layer, and throwing in the dynamic unpredictability of a live cheese where every wedge is a unique creation of nature.

The Drink

Fresh prune plums with Humboldt Fog cheese. What beverage matches with these delicacies while keeping us in the pitch blackness of an eclipse? With fruit and cheese, the first thought would be wine, but I’ve pretended once already that purple was the new noir. At this juncture, ‘tis a better job for a stout, such as the pride of St. James Gate. And I cannot justify drinking a pint of Guinness at 9:30 in the morning, so I’ve found something more appropriate for an eclipse party.

Yes, I know, but...
Luli Charcoal.png
Blackness in a bottle. Sources. Guinness, Luli, Prevention Magazine.

Liquid charcoal lemonade. Drinks don’t get any blacker than this. And unlike a dark beer, a shot of charcoal helps eliminate any junk in your body's digestive system. I had never tried this stuff before, but I sampled a bottle of it to rehearse for eclipse day. It tastes like a sour lemonade that’s blended with activated coconut charcoal. Just the stuff to clean you out inside. Warning: check with your doctor before consuming such a beverage.

And never drink Drano unless you want to be eclipsed from the inside out. Source: The Naked Gun, Paramount Pictures.

But I'll be watching it on TV. Can someone please pass the Oreos?

Top photo credit: NASA

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I loved your plan B, to wait for the next eclipse. In life not everything comes out as we planned but it depends on us if we live frustrated by what happened, or we enjoyed plan B. thanks for sharing.

yeah your r right awesome post man and the info is very usefull

Wow check this out @emonemolover

Let's go to the Tops! on 21st!

Wow let's go!

Oh no, it's not visible in the Philippines! We have to fly to USA lol

ohh nooooo! we gotta fly by our wings! haha

Waoo really nice post !!

Hey roseri, If you want to watch a new movie Dunkirk by Christopher Nolan just click on the link : https://dtube.video/v/shugamena/gbg0937q

I haven't witness an Eclipse yet. I hope one day I will :)

Así es mi linda en esta vida hay que tener un plan B......y sobre todo ver siempre hacia adelante con un horizonte ...y siempre viendo al frente y esperando cada atardecer ..par luego ver el amanecer

Love the menu, love the dog and how you make plans around the eclipse. The cheese sounds interesting, and I agree people start again to care about making quality products. Saludos!!

The dog doesn't let me forget him when I'm home.

And he doesn't forget you when you're out, even for a minute. They're all made of pure love.

Give some love and good dog food. Get back the love x10. Dogs are amazing.

You should go see it! It's 90% where I live and I'm driving 4 hours to see it full. My sister lives in NYC and is flying to Kansas City and driving from there to see it. Worth every cent.

You'll have to post some pictures. But be sure to wear some glasses.

Enjoy the eclipse while eating the fruit of blackberry this one must be more exciting @donkeypong

Sweet Blackberry from aceh. :)

I'll have to try those. They do look quite dark.

Very dark ... and this is only in indonesia especially aceh

Well we all gonna see it on the net ;)

I'm looking forward to the eclipse this year too. Just wrote a post about being directly in the path of totality, up here in White House, TN.

Sorry to hear that you won't make the trip, @donkeypong, but there will be plenty of live coverage on TV. I intend to shoot footage during the event then post it right to Steemit.

My dog suggested we have an eclipse day party.

Mine said the same thing! :) Of course I will be missing out on the fruit and cheese.

Yes, please blog it!

I will certainly be missing the eclipse from Koh Pha Ngan, Thailand. So would be great to see it here on Steemit! Great idea, blog away!

I'd trade places with you for a day. Haven't been to one of those Thai islands for a few years.

I'd trade places with you for a full afternoon! Like when I was babysitting my cousins kids a few weeks ago in the US. It was a lot of fun, but by the end of the day I was happy to return them and get some R&R. :) But I love children, they are so pure and innocent! I see you've traveled a bit based on your comment. So you probably know about this; but I'm about to publish an article on medical tourism, a real money saver. Hoping I can save some steemians thousands on their next major dental work or something.

Have a great day!

-Dan "world travel pro"

Plan B looks great. I hope you enjoy it. I hope you take some pictures of the eclipse.

hahaha your joke so awesome and make us laught @donkeypong , thanks for using my badge's , you are so great tom

Thanks for the great badge. I promised to use it on a funny post. This one is partly funny, but no warranties on my sense of humor.

you are welcome tom @dongkeypong , this is great tom , im so like it :))

cool post! I especially like the reminder of prune plums. I love those, but sort of forgot to buy them this season. I will now though!! :)

I've got to look for some now then! :))

Only had to read in a few paragraphs to see how good this post is!

Since that's a few more paragraphs than many people read, you deserve an upvote.

I lost my excitement about astronomy a few years back. I used to be really in to it like you, chasing events throughout the year and trying to find the best location. Then it became a meme, places got crowded and decided to ditch it off altogether.

Great menu. Can't really go wrong with Guinness.

Guinness is always good, but I shouldn't be drinking it in the morning.

The Irish would strongly disagree. I remember having it for breakfast plenty of times. Especially during the summer at the beach.

I really enjoyed this - sorry for plan A being cancelled but I laughed at the reasons, expecially the watch it on TV part and then plan B turned into a whole lot of information. - well done - hope you and the dog have a great party. And cheese, nuts and fruits and Oreos, it can only be a great eclipse. Resteeming

I loved your post for few reasons. I'm traveling to Lincoln, NE to hang out with an old buddy & watch the solar eclipse in the path of totality. Since the other members of your family declined to make the trip, hanging with your is dog is perfect. My dog Luke likes fruit as well, especially watermelon. personally. I'd go with the Guinness over the charcoal lemonade, but to each their own. THX for this post & enjoy the show wherever you're at! 7-3's!

Enjoy! I've only had the charcoal lemonade once so I had to post about it. But on most days, I'd go with the Guinness also.

Unlike Guinness I had never heard of it & based on your review The Kid isn't likely to try it anytime soon either, lol! 7-3's!

What a cool post, what a cool person, what a cool name. DONKEYPONG! I can only imagine you spending some time in the back of an old school pizzeria playing donkeykong hours on end.

On a more serious note, I'm thoroughly impressed with how you are fathering your children, they should only be so lucky. To get to leave school for a much more enriching experience like following the total eclipse of the sun. Then all that high quality food they are exposed to. I remeber 99 cent BK whoppers growing up. They were an easy meal for my folks to just keep us from going hungry.

Experiencing the world the way you do with your children is rich beyond money. I would know. I've been traveling and living out of a backpack for over 10 years now. I write and give travel advice on here now. I enjoy it. Steemit has been a great experience and it brings a smile to my face to see posts like yours!

Keep up the great work!

-Dan "world travel pro!"

Having kids has been the best part of my life, but I'm not as mobile as you. I do miss being able to backpack my way around the world also. Even better if you can find a way to support yourself doing that. Keep it up as long as you can!

What I love about your life, is that it's WHOLESOME! Very wholesome. A word we don't use or hear to often. Something I hope to achieve someday.

For me, for now; I'm the "World Travel Pro" on steemit! lol But I love it. Never a dull day. I worked hard and saved and invested, so as long as I'm in the third world (as it's cheaper) I can more or less live of my insured 9.5% CD rates I have in Ecuador. But to avoid dipping into savings I've found myself on Steemit. Trying to supplement my investment income.

So far steemit has been a little challenging, but with a little help from my friends I think it will work out just fine. The best part has been meeting people like yourself and having steemit meet-ups in the real! So far I've met up with @luzcypher in Playa del Carmen, Mexico and @fitinfun in Bangkok. Both great people.

I feel extremely fortunate for what I have. How did you make your way to steemit? I see you find yourself pretty high in the ranks with that whopping 72 rep! Impressive!

Liquid charcoal lemonade....Good God, I could never imagine such a drink in my dreams, yet here it exists. Amazing :)

My jaw dropped when I first saw it. Then I had to try it once.

Fantastic article and made me so hungry looking at all of the beautiful foods, which I could just taste from seeing the photos. Sorry you had a hard time making the trip, but wow, sometimes the best place to see any event in on the tv after all. However, i am just back from Huntington Beach, where they had the U S OPEN completion in surfing, so I loved the surfing photos very much and it brought back some fantastic memories. As always, looking for your next article.

Huntington is awesome!

Liquid charcoal lemonade, now that sounds... interesting. 😅 You'll have to let us know how it tastes haha.

I have to admit I'm pretty lucky though, the eclipse will actually be heading straight through my town - so no traveling for me either. 😎

Enjoy the eclipse, but you can skip the black lemonade. :)

Wait... you are saying that you kinds didn't want to skip school and now you have to eat prunes with your dog? :o
In few years they will be so sick of school they will beg for a day off.. and you will remind them this! Ha!

I know those plums. In Poland they are actually pretty popular and are best to make nice thick jam (Powidła ). It would go so well with that cheese too. Google says it takes sugar, besides plums, to make it. My mum makes just just out of very mature plums. No sugar needed (or very very little).

It looks like Prune plums are very tasty but unfortunately this fruit is not in my place, at first glance it looks like a grape because it tastes sweet too. I want to taste this Prune plums fruit 😊.
But if I look like Jamblang Fruit because in my place this fruit is the most widely sold. Have you ever tasted this fruit? Sweet and sour, this is my wife's favorite fruit while pregnant.

It's a fruit for temperate climates, but I am sure you have some wonderful tropical fruits in your region also.

One of my favorite posts so far on Steemit. Glad to see I am already following you. I love the superimposed Humboldt Fog/Teahupoo image! I just watched a documentary on that the other day on Youtube about Laird Hamilton and how important that wave is and how now he said he wished he hadn't published the photo because it ended up drawing too many surfers to Teahupoo!

I definitely need to check out this Humboldt Fog. Your description sounds like absolute heaven. Glad that California has followed up its wine conquest with a bid for the cheese triple crown.

My best friend and I are working on a secret project that involves cheese. Maybe I can hit you up sometime about being a contributor?

One last thing - your Humboldt Fog/Teahupoo superimposition reminds me a of a poster my teacher had when I was in third grade. It was about 20x30 and it was produced by Friendly's Ice Cream. It showed a typical gorgeous beach scene with a couple running down a wide, white sand beach with azure waves breaking along the bottom and a giant cliff descending from the left down into the ocean. But wait! That wasn't a cliff - it was a series of giant scoops of ice cream in every flavor that Friendly's offered. It was a spectacular poster. And the teacher told us that we were to write an essay describing the poster and then read them aloud. Then the class would vote on whose essay was the best and that person would win the poster. I put everything I had into that essay, describing each chunk of gooey caramel dripping with melted vanilla cream and sliding down a shelf of luscious fudge with pecans, splashing into refreshing mint with dark chocolate, etc. etc. When it came time to read my essay, I went last and I knew I had it in the bag. I didn't get even a third way through when the class was literally moaning at my descriptions and yelling out things like, "Oh my God I need ice cream right now!" I won the poster.

That's a great story! I'm glad to have triggered such a memory.

I stayed up all night for both blood red moons, no that was a fascinating eclipse. Unfortunately, I live in Oklahoma and won't be able to see the full solar eclipse. but I'll still be watching. Loved your blog! I'm resteeming =)

I was with you all the way, until your choice of drink. Now granted, Guinness at 9:30 am is a bit sketchy. I do have some logic that can take us around this obstacle.

Since this is a full eclipse of the sun, effectively turning day into night, you have a legitimate loophole!

What a brilliant idea! How did I miss that loop of logic? :) Far better than drinking charcoal.

I don't know how you missed it! It leaped out at me while pondering the favored drink of poison control. 🤢

I can't believe the hotels phoned you many times! I never heard of this happening. Chill with the dog for the win!!

What a lovely post donkeypong. My husband used to live in Humboldt so he will love reading this as he is a professional chef and has often spoken of the great cheeses there. You certainly enjoy food so it's a plus with us.

He must try that cheese if he hasn't yet. He'll love it.

lol... your plan B was awesome with the agreement between you and your dog. Dogs are really wonderful creatures always there to keep the company worthwhile. I love cheese and that humboldt fog cheese was mouth watering. I guess you enjoyed your eclipse at home with your dog...lol

I love this! Makes me want to go out and buy fancy cheeses and strange beverages ;)

Very interesting post ...how to deal with one day when others change they mind and you alreadry creat another great plan to attend in that special day...eclipse !!!

@donkeypong ... Nice picture

Watching a total eclipse of the sun may be a “once in a lifetime” opportunity. The August 21 solar eclipse passes through much of the continental United States, but its path lies far to the north of me. So my plan was to take the kids out of school, spend one day driving north and then another day driving back south, just so we could brag to other people that we saw the total eclipse for a few seconds. That was Plan A.



Thats funny. Everyone is busy on the day you're taking to be very important. I guess no one cares. Do you think we're spiritually out of tune as people

Yes, seeing a solar eclipse can indeed be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. But, not all of our wishes can be realized easily. There are many challenges that we will face as happened in the story above. Good thing @donkeypong has prepared several plans: plan A and plan B. Unfortunately, plan B just choose to stay home, how unpleasant.

Oh yes, the hotel reservation tricks done far away are good to try. At least we can get a cheaper price. What the hotel did (if it actually happened) that asked for a canceled reservation was outrageous and unjustified.

Interesting post and interested my heart when he saw his greetings know my friends may we become friends.

You should revert to plan A or A.5. To see the eclipse is one thing, to feel it is the most amazing experience ever. I caught one in europe in the 90s (I believe) Travelled 9 hours to catch it. The mixture of very strange lighting effects. Sudden drop in temperature and a second dawn on the same day with the birds resinging their morning song will stick with you forever. You can enjoy you food when you get back. You shouldnt miss this.

I was young I have watched Solar Eclipse in Asia. Though this time I am in further south than the US eclipse belt. Got some good ideas from plan B. For me, the darkest fruit would be black grapes and dates that I will enjoy while watching eclipse live on TV.

Very interesting post. Laughed so much while reading. Have experienced eclipse of the sun twice. Barely noticed the eclipse that was the ec. Good you had company with plan B.

Waoo really nice post !!

Going to have to try that Humboldt Fog #Cheese - sounds fascinating. I chuckled when I read yr Statement about what You & yr dog could agree on for the menu - Ha!

Even though u won't see the #eclipse, I'm sure you'll still have a good day

Then I looked at the image of fresh Prunes, as I'd never seen that b-4. I used to make (when I worked as a Health Home worker, taking care of people) a blended 'Constipation Drink' and it featured Prunes & apples.

Thanks for the whimsical post!

If I am in your position, I also will not continue the trip to the hotel. I'll just watch TV. But, I also will not cancel the hotel that I have booked. Better to give (sell) to friends who want to go there. xD

Btw, interesting post, did not feel I read through to completion.

i hope & i try to make perfect post like it. thanks for perfect post

I can say.... You got a chance for full eclipse with yummy fruits and Humboldt Fog Cheese. A great time with loved ones :-)

Hey donkeypong enjoyed your article very informative information :) .Give the world the best you have, and the best will come to you! I want you to know that I really appreciate your efforts.Am working on poetry🌹 have alook hope you like 😊


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Sending all my employees to an Oregon festival Thursday! We are closing Fri-Mon so they can have a break, so cool! Me and the family going to Disneyland this weekend, so I'm not going, but very cool experience!

Just read your post and just joined the steemit community... Glad it was this post I read first!! :D
@donkeypong going to follow you and hope you´ll have much more of such stories...

Beautiful picture.....nice post

A wonderful natural phenomenon for mankind, I ask myself what is the wisdom behind the incident, whether a sign for the future ,, because there is a myth among my local people, if there is a solar eclipse there will be a disaster going forward, but I do not believe the thing that.

makes no sense to me

what a great post @donkeypong
i really love every line of this post tom,
love you.

Thanks for your upvote @donkeypong. I am now on my fifth post, may you pass by to read. Regards.

Nice plan @donkeypong! I hope both dog and donkey will have a great time watching the eclipse.

I have not seen such cheese, not even tried that charcoal lemonade... I eat plums though. 😆

Wow ... it's amazing. I've enjoyed it once in my life. Beautiful ... even very beautiful but for the culture in our area, eclipse is a sign of disaster, every society pray to avoid bshaya that will happen

Alas plan A was not possible, but I admire you putting your family first on your plans, it gives me a hint you're a family man. Steem on!

Great post and Funny article. I like it. Thanks for share @donkeypong

Your dog will have a better appreciation of the energies anyway, enjoy the time alone, and grow for your family!!

Nice post donkey

Great post about the combination of eclipse and your food ,I like your decision to stay at home, as your kids and wife didn't want to go ,it turned you into a good father and supportive husband. I like your care about the dog too, it is quiet lucky to have you as a master. You are so sweet and kind hearted person, I want to request you for a particular cause, as you know friend India is suffering from flood problems. Specialy my area have experienced a very bad condition. So I request you please come to my post and please do what ever you want to do for the victims of floods. Please friend for the sack of humanity do something, as you know many people have come for ward to help me to help the effected people. Once I promise you that I will also do some things to popularise our community, so this is my first steps, from my works all people are surprised how could I managed all these things. So please I need your sweet support, have a great day friend happy steeming.

Traveling with a plan to see a good eclipse moon, and a healthy food menu choice ...., one day I must have a clear plan like you @donkeypong

Fantastic article

Really interesting information.

I love your sense of humour tom,this is the first story I am reading this morning. Tbh it was fun reading. It sucks when it doesn't go as planned, I really get angry but you seem to not care at all haha. Have a fun day @donkeypong! Cheers 🍻

this is a great post. i love the style and humour...

amazing cake and so look yummiiiii
like a real snow

Awesome Article ...I just loved it!!

What a delight to read! I especially love the surf visual :D I do hope your party for two will be a success. Cheers to you :)

My husband is taking our daughter out of daycare so they can watch the eclipse together.

Sungguh luar biasa seniorku @donkeypong

This is good news

Please upVoted

Upvoted your article rather interesting.Will follow you and upvote you as well just need a little help from you kindly upvote my article dedicated to my friend who has cancer @rogerblu thanks a million @donkeypong

wauwwww, Saya menyukai rencana A dan B Anda, kesempurnaan kita terbatas, Dalam hidup tidak semuanya mudah seperti yang kita rencanakan tapi itu tergantung kita jika kita hidup frustrasi dengan apa yang terjadi, atau kita menikmati rencana B.

Semangat dan motivasi dari sahabat seperti di steemit ini sangat membantu, sehingga dalam hidup kita penuh renungan untuk membuatnya lebih baik,

terima kasih telah berbagi bersama steemit @taministy

Nice post! Now I'm hungry 😀

good reasearch and love your plan how to eclipse

Good read pal, keep it up.

Nice post, I love the humor, lucky you didn't fly there by yourself, haha. Love your food knowledge.
It must be disappointing when your kids don't like what you are into. I know I want my kids to love my interests and hobbies. Anyways, great read, thanks.

LoL! you are creative, it was nice seeing something like this. Thank you @donkeypong for sharing this.

Hey guys, If you want to watch a new movie Dunkirk by Christopher Nolan just click on the link : https://dtube.video/v/shugamena/gbg0937q

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And all that sweet moment

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If time changes
I still will not change
I always happy
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I love it,, nice

I like your plan, all plans including plan b. It's the best post

Thanks @donkeypong, good article. I just start reading your articles, saw couple other good ones already.

It's more than just the sun going dark for a couple of seconds... but you would have to reactivate plan A to find out ;)

The eclipse was very rare once. We had some eclipse week last month happen here

Very good article, I really like the information you share because it is very useful for us .. thank you very much @donkeypong

Love the Dog, The food menu and I hope you get to see this much hyped eclipse with your kids :)

Wow. Nice capture 😍

Excellent photography. Please post another on only sunset and sun rise....

I am definitely with you on having an eclipse party over driving somewhere for a two second glimpse of it! And you have made me all kinds of hungry with your plums and cheese pictures, that sounds like a divine menu :)

post.. :)

I live in the belt . So far, no noticeable increase in traffic. I will post some pictures afterward, so follow me if you want to see them lol!

You word well, my friend :)

Enjoy the eclipse, cheers!

I just love this post.
Good call. Total solar eclipses are "ominous," and best to be appreciated with all your favorite comforts! Sending you much love and pura vida. May the eclipse enhance your life. Be fearless ~ Choose LOVE!
PS. Following. and upvoted. My minnow vote aint worth much, and I hope it isn't damaging. (I heard that you musn't upvote out of your league...Is that true?)

It looks like I was able to at least give my 2 cents! Oh yeah!

Certainly did not expect to become so hungry just by reading a steemit post. Really great work you put in there. Love to see more of that. Very amusing and thought-invoking.

I am new to steemit.....i loved your article..i has similar plans for eclipse

dogs give unconditional love...the purest form of love

followed and upvoted you,if you like latest dress designs,please follow me!!

Nice post. There is always a next time. :)
I have watched several eclipse, solar and lunar and no photos as cellphones were not yet a thing during those time. :P

Eclipse... one in a life time opportunity. Unfortunately, in some part of Africa it could be associated with Biblical belief that the world may be coming to an end. Funny..see al funny. There was an eclipse in Nigeria in sometime in 70s and my parents witnessed it. And when I was still a child, they used to tell about it , referring it as the day God nearly destroyed the world. But when I entered hhigh school and opted for science...and started reading physic, i realised how wrong they were. And approached them and explained what the saw to them. They we're all happy

Interesting piece by you @donkeypong

I'm @eurogee

This is my wife's forte haha, I am only a willing taste tester! Thank you for your upvotes, you always are there to support a newbie like. Be blessed!!!

Wonderful...! Upvoted & Resteemed ,

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