Indoor Vertical Farm Capable Of Feeding More Than 180,000

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Vertical farming is regarded as being the latest development in the farming industry that is quickly gaining support from a growing number of farmers worldwide. Right now you can find numerous vertical farming projects that are currently underway in multiple countries: Germany, France, Italy, the US, UK, Singapore, and elsewhere.

One vertical farming agriculture startup that is quickly gaining a lot of support is Plenty, and the project has thus far raised hundreds of millions in funding. This indoor vertical farming startup is credited with recently having successfully conducted the largest agriculture tech funding round in history; Jeff Bezos happens to be one of the investors.

The company is now looking to open a second farm in the US that is going to be capable of feeding more than 180,000 people.

The vertical farming project, Plenty, has already tested growing hundreds of different kinds of crops. At the new facility, they allegedly plan to start off with growing a variety of leafy greens and then they will transition to growing things like watermelons, tomatoes, and other crops. The plan is to have their facility operational by sometime next year.

The crops that they are growing are grown without any sunlight and use LED lights instead. They also aren't grown in soil like traditional crops, instead seeds are woven into mesh cloth and grown without any soil. The crops get sprayed with a special nutrient spray and water; using aeroponics farming methods.

The vertical farming process enables the farmer to have a lot more control over the environment and crops. And there are an increasing number of farmers in the US, throughout Europe, and other areas, who are looking to vertical farming as an option over traditional farming because of the benefits that it offers.

There are now vertical farming projects taking place in a myriad of spaces, such as old fallout shelters, in old warehouses, and in shipping containers. This method is seen as being superior for farmers because it's cost effective and it allows for more control against bad weather and pests etc.

Industry experts have said that the growing demand from consumers for more GMO-free and organic foods is playing a crucial role in fueling the vertical farming trend; it's seen as a major driving force.

Some setbacks that they see for those who are interested in getting involved with this method of growing however, are things like the initial high cost of lighting and the cost for continued maintenance. However, despite those concerns, we can see that there are still many farmers who are opting to transition to this method of growing.

Plenty has been certified organic and they hope to be able to bring their organic products to market at a very competitive price so that it is as close to the cost of traditional produce as possible; giving consumers more options.

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Love feel good stories like this. We can FEED the World! No more Excuses...

Fascinating and innovative use of space and resources. The Netherlands-- evidently-- is on its way to becoming a world leader in many areas of agriculture in terms of effective yield per acre... using some of these technologies. I just hope they manage to keep the nutritional value intact in this kind of densepack situation...

hope they manage to keep the nutritional value intact in this kind of densepack situation.

As Shakespeare said, "ay, there's the rub".

Dr. Elaine Ingham has done a great job describing how the Soil Food Web works and I have yet to see any commercial operation that does much more than produce "food-photography" worthy fruits and veggies with the nutritional value of sawdust.

I'm sure Amazon I mean WholeFoods will move tons of the stuff.

Oh look, Jeff Bezos is investing in it.

There's no reason to think that commercially available fully organic Complete Nutrients (3D Organic's Nutrients) used to grown fruits and vegetables aeroponically wouldn't translate directly to Nutritionally superior products to those grown in the best organic soil while cutting the water use down by 95% while increasing the growing time and production not once but two fold or more.

The "soil food web" happens just the same but with much more exacted precision and without pests and oxygen levels that would make even the most hardy fungus no match AT-ALL for aeroponically grown plants, in such aeroponic systems, it's not as if these plants are hollow or lack substance, and if that's the case it's not because of the inherent idea of aeroponics/hydroponics but solely and only a matter of what nutrients and how much you provide because you could be growing commercial and conventional and the nutritional and flavor payload of those crops would be outmatched by magnitudes by growing organically/salt-free nutrients.

That is if the plants are being provided with not only essentials but the Complete nutrients including the bacteria, fungi and other single celled organisms along with all the macro and micro nutrients found in soil PLUS many that aren't native or abundant to certain regions, and then this exacted, precise, utmost calculated and considered nutritional water is then delivered to the plants in an optimal way, in turn the plants, which simply take what they require, develop and utilize all the nutrients as they would in the soil, yet the rest of the nutrients get recirculated and captured with zero waste or run off and the plants then have a supreme environment to metabolize (Oxygen consuming) the nutrients along with all the beneficial microbes and mycorrhizae that also, like the plant roots, thrive in such Oxygen rich environment provided by the suspended mostly Void, substrate, while some more sophisticated mediums like SureToGrow utilizing a water wicking away design which doesn't retain water (something like 0.1% water retention after you take it out of water for 5 seconds) and these substrates provide for maximum air contact to the roots and can be used to grow extremely efficiently and cost effective, nutritionally packed foods with little medium as the root-ball size medium/substrate required for plants (usually a 3 inch diameter by 3 inch tall net basket or smaller) is insurmountably tiny compared to most DWC or other Hydroponics, and like suretogrow, many of the substrates can be reused for quite some time, the old roots getting pulled out or trimmed off and the rest left to feed the organisms which will feed the new plant.

Combined with Carbon Dioxide systems providing plants with their optimal 1400-1600 ppm CO2 levels any decent system would create some of the most stress free, pure Product, where all the energy is concentrated into delivering quality and utilized at utmost efficiency creating nutritional content not matched by soil and certainly not Confetti.

Ultimately it comes down to what you feed your plants, because you have complete, total control and as such there is no reason to believe that soil could compare in regard to nutrition, flavor, growing season length, simply because of pests and climate.

I totally agree.

The sticky point is:

That is if the plants are being provided with not only essentials but the Complete nutrients including the bacteria, fungi and other single celled organisms along with all the macro and micro nutrients found in soil

I don't see Jeff Bezos being in it to cure obesity or world hunger and in my opinion, most consumers think if it looks good, and has that "organic" seal of approval, it must be good for you.

Nutritious food has a lower profit margin than good looking food, especially the kind that has been genetically modified to never spoil and for most people in that industry, it's a business and profit comes first.

Technology can improve everything even food production.

This is wonderful to hear! I love good posts like this! Happy Sunday!

I had never thought of that before, but vertical farming sounds like a brilliant idea.

thanks for checking it out :)

I actually saw this while attending the Mother Earth News Fair in Pennsylvania last month. I was absolutely fascinated by it!

I was amazed at the ease in which this can be done. I cannot say enough to sing its praises!

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Sounds a good idea, just need to sort the lighting out, surely someone will come up with a working idea.

Wow! This shows how backward i am, i so much thank God for steemit.
Never knew crops could be grown out of soil..jess the word is turning to something else.
I'll prefer vertical farming to traditional aleast it offers control over the plants.

Thanks for sharing this, it was really helpful

yeah great to see this on here,it's a great way to grow wheat grass. On a much smaller scale I done a workshop on pallet vertical gardening, easy and cheap, it's great for salads and herbs. Really good for people with little space for growing food.

Wonderful! vertical farming today is very popular! Thank you for your story! Impressed! And the video is excellent!

very convenient and practical!

Great job sharing awesome content!
Follow me back?!

Is there an article, or a ''how to'' guide on starting up and operating a vertical farm. If so can you direct me towards it. If one decided to start a small one using a shipping container, how much money must be spent on the start up. Getting the materials and how many workers are needed to overlook one shipping container?

Looks great and healthy! I hope it's taste is great as it is the taste of vegetables which grow on old fashioned way out of the soil under the sun and rain with no help of chemicals and it is not genetically modified.

This Farm of the Future Uses No Soil and 95% Less Water

Excelente, buen post!

Love this idea !! Vertical farming is definitely the future as less and less people are farming and condos are being built on their land !
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Hopefully we'll see more organic non-gmo food from Plenty in the USA soon!

Maybe just for vegetables

As long as we can reduce the price for electricity and energy in general, projects like this will be the future !

What is great about vertical farming is that we can install these inside cities, in neighbourhoods and into areas that are hard to grow and reach. We could drastically reduce the food transportation costs by farming vertically and in controlled environments. We could also reclaim what was once useless land like deserts areas and start to control the environment more. I'm all for this!

With these inovation. We can plant vegetables and crops when there is not much of arable land left for planting.

Wow this is out of this world

Wow, that can feed a lot of people. The only thing is that you have to use chemicals to feed the plants and a large amount of electricity to power the farm.

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We all mast have this home :)

Google "Alterra" It was a Vancouver based vertical farm atop a parking garage that supplied fresh greens to the cold, wintery and food insecure island. They blew through 25 million and went bankrupt. Capital and equipment costs are astronomical. Dirt farming is hard enough, with razor thin margins. Add hundreds of gallons of hydroponic solution, a broken valve can ruin the biz.
Go for it, but go careful!

That's whats "up" :) Love it!

Thank you @doitvoluntarily. Upvoted & Resteemed.


Great news for the organic world. I have heard about this on and off for the last five years or so, its about to it had it growth really. And if it reduced costs of organic produce so the mass can afford it then thats a huge bonus :)

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That looks extremely clean, so at the same time we save water not needing to clean this food. 😄

This is so cool. Love vertical garden ideas.

It is cost effective? I think starting from the installment to make it operational and then maintenance- a huge cost. If they spend the same money in conventional ways, won't it bring much better outcome?

hi dear steemit iam a new member in steemit i will be happy that you see my blog and share your idea and sujjestion how to inprove my blog
thank for your support

this is fantastic

This is really, really cool. Watching the video, I was very intrigued by the tower design. It looks like it might be fairly easy to build some towers like that.

Thanks, you've got the brain cranking away here now... ;)



Lots of good ideas. I do wonder what happens when a parasite is accidentally introduced to this type of environment? 🐓🐓