Yummy Chinese food

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Hi Steemit

We were invited by a friend to a restaurant. The dishes were excelent, and each guests can eat in private rooms served by 2 waiters. And also a bathroom. These are what we ate

Steam prawns


Cold dishes as appetizer

Duck feet skin with wasabi sauce


Sliced pork with soy sauce


Jelly fish


Beijing / Peking duck. The ducks were delivered from Beijing. I think they have special diet and care so the meat is better than normal ducks


Abalone soup


Pork spare rib soup with clams and seafood


Beef spare ribs


Steamed fish


Spinach. The healthiest dish. Lol


This is a local Fu Qing dish. Soup with Won Ton, vegetable, taro, pork. Taste is hot and sour


The dessert . Durian cake




The restaurant corridor


The table and waiter



We really enjoyed all the dishes and the privacy of the room .

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Looks like a great feast, and the fruit looks like a nice way to end the meal.

thank you azfix, yes it was really enjoyable feast, fruit should be better than cakes or ice creams for the dessert

That Steam Pawn dish looks delicious! I think you got an amazing food experience there!


thank you theguruasia, yes it was a lovely dinner, we enjoyed the conversation and all the food

Nice meal the shrimp looks like my favourite

thank you bitcoinman, yes it was nice and fresh

Looks great! Food culture are quite different in different cities, it looks like a business formal meal:)

yes the room and table looks luxury, the food was very nice too

yuuuuuuummmmyyyy i like Chines food and Chines people..

thank you hadipedia, yes Chinese food is really yummy, and the people are nice too

I enjoy all your food posts. I am sure everything was very good. Is there much in the way of a “healthy food movement” in China ....or not thought of as much?

thank you floridanow, i think there is no such healthy food movement in China , people look slim and fit mostly, maybe it's the tea that melts all the fatty food

In the US it’s the sugar , breads, pastas and a few things that are hard for people to understand like gluten and lectins that are found in more foods. They play with the gut’s immune system and peoples health.

Don't forget the softdrinks, they contain lots of sugar and quite addictive.

wow no doubt all the dishes looks great and i really like Spinach and Durian cake because it looks so tasty and i hope it also taste delicious, thanks for telling us about some nice chinese food, Stay awesome.

thank you adnanrabbani, yes they were as yummy as they look.

No durian cake for me 555

Hi julee I don't like durian fruit as too strong the taste, but when made into cakes or snacks it's really nice i think

Thunderous lord Jay, you just got me salivating over the prawns. The restaurant have to best way of presenting prawns that I have ever seen. I only hope it taste just as awesome as it looks.

thank you lordjames, the local people love to eat prawns and other seafood, so the restaurant must be well trained to serve them, it taste fresh and tasty

Hi @djohan
Glad to see the various chinese dishes, no doubt to his lezatan, among some photos of the food above I want to taste
"Beef spare ribs" seems very special. :)
Have a nice dinner

thank you amuchtar, the beef was ordered because i like to eat meat, it was tender and yummy

your welcome @djohan :)

Chinese food look like a fat but I love its.

thank you pasnobodyyee, yes better not eat too much of it, but it's so yummy

Wow yummy food and excellent photography,
Thanks @djohan
Have a great day

thank you goldcoin

Really nice presentation there!! Can't wait to try the jellyfish , and the duck feet skin with wasabi !! Really unique

thank you spikykevin, they are very nice cold dishes good for appetizer

Looks like a very fancy place. And there were so many dishes! Did you share each of the dishes (family style) or did each of you get each of the dishes?

thank you themanwithnoname, we shared, so everyone can try each dish

delicious meal friend nice visit, great food china

thank you enriqueig, yes China has great variety of food

@djohan, That would be amazing restaurant part. Very delicious and spicy foods there. I most like to eat steem prawn and fish. Fruits and durian cakes better for dessert.

thank you madushanka, yes all food was delicious, prawn and fish was very fresh and delicious

each guests can eat in private rooms served by 2 waiters. And also a bathroom.

What a perfect news. We get two waiters. Awesome decision and no delay for take foods. Whole post very sweet today. Beef spare ribs and jelly fish interest me. I never ate Jelly fish.

thank you dragonking, yes the food and services were very good. jelly fish texture is like pudding but salty taste and fishy

and also a bathroom.

Yeah Thanks for correct me. That's true.

Every foods seems very delicious and make me hungry now @djohan. You found better chinese food restaurant. Nice place to eat something. How about cost available there?

thank you kingsberry, not sure about the cost as we were invited by friend, but seems quite expensive than normal restaurants

So you had a great time at hotel. Lovely ambiance, with variety of dishes. Have fun. Thanks for sharing. Very nice photography. @djohan

thank you kamchore, yes the restaurant was inside a hotel, very private and quiet room with great food

@djohan - Pork spare ribs must be very tasty. Very charming resturant

thank you sottile, yes it was tender and tasty


yeah, officially, you have just successfully made me hungry

I just can't help but salivate each time I see pictures that concerns food..

Not really a foodie tho. But well garnished meals (fruits inclusive) gat my eyes and heart already.

Nice photography @djohan

We really enjoyed all the dishes and the privacy of the room

and no invite to join you guys enjoy the meal.

you just made me exhaust my saliva cuz I've salivated more than normal


but then, the photos are really lovely

Amazing photography, Tasty food & Elegant Restaurant.

Dear @Djohan your post has it all.

@upvoted & @resteemed.

those steamed fish tho, i want them. like all of it.

these pictures look really beautiful.

please when next are you going on such trip?
would love to be a part of your family. lol

Good post ..I like the delicious food ..thanks for sharing.

How long have you been into photography?

Food looks so delicious, i wish i could eat some of these food.

Excellent photography.

The first photo , prawns seem take by force on vegetables . It seem delecious.

Wow very yummy and delicious food can i eat with you

Every food looking very tasty. This is a delicious moment to me. I can't choose what's best food here. All one better making. Nice photoshoot here @djohan.

Hi. @djohan
This is excellent. The best thing is to enjoy with friends with food. I hope you have enjoyed a lot
This is the true meaning of my life when I saw these meals
I felt hungry

Nice food
it' seem's to be hungry for me

Awsome dishes................

All of items are so much delicious......
Specially I love shrimp...
And finally awsome presentation................

Wow Yummy Chinese food.
For your post propagation.

do doubt they all looksss very very deliciouss djohan 😍

@djohan - Sir your visit is not only for Fantastic places, it also covers delicious foods & nutrition meals too... After all it's a stunning photography Sir...


Look so delecious..🤗

Wow so much variety looks so delicious i can feel the deliciousness :)

So delicious food and so hot.
You really make me hungry.
Here it is mid night I can't wait for going restaurant

All the foods do looks really delicious ;)

Steam prawns seems to be the best !

looks delicious !! miam

wow amazing food , greeting from morocco , we like Chinese food

100% agree, those are yummy foods. impressive experience & nice photography of it. @djohan

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