Yummy Chinese food

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Hi Steemit

We were invited by a friend to a restaurant. The dishes were excelent, and each guests can eat in private rooms served by 2 waiters. And also a bathroom. These are what we ate

Steam prawns


Cold dishes as appetizer

Duck feet skin with wasabi sauce


Sliced pork with soy sauce


Jelly fish


Beijing / Peking duck. The ducks were delivered from Beijing. I think they have special diet and care so the meat is better than normal ducks


Abalone soup


Pork spare rib soup with clams and seafood


Beef spare ribs


Steamed fish


Spinach. The healthiest dish. Lol


This is a local Fu Qing dish. Soup with Won Ton, vegetable, taro, pork. Taste is hot and sour


The dessert . Durian cake




The restaurant corridor


The table and waiter



We really enjoyed all the dishes and the privacy of the room .

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Looks like a great feast, and the fruit looks like a nice way to end the meal.

thank you azfix, yes it was really enjoyable feast, fruit should be better than cakes or ice creams for the dessert

That Steam Pawn dish looks delicious! I think you got an amazing food experience there!


thank you theguruasia, yes it was a lovely dinner, we enjoyed the conversation and all the food

Nice meal the shrimp looks like my favourite

thank you bitcoinman, yes it was nice and fresh

Looks great! Food culture are quite different in different cities, it looks like a business formal meal:)

yes the room and table looks luxury, the food was very nice too

yuuuuuuummmmyyyy i like Chines food and Chines people..

thank you hadipedia, yes Chinese food is really yummy, and the people are nice too

I enjoy all your food posts. I am sure everything was very good. Is there much in the way of a “healthy food movement” in China ....or not thought of as much?

thank you floridanow, i think there is no such healthy food movement in China , people look slim and fit mostly, maybe it's the tea that melts all the fatty food

In the US it’s the sugar , breads, pastas and a few things that are hard for people to understand like gluten and lectins that are found in more foods. They play with the gut’s immune system and peoples health.

Don't forget the softdrinks, they contain lots of sugar and quite addictive.

wow no doubt all the dishes looks great and i really like Spinach and Durian cake because it looks so tasty and i hope it also taste delicious, thanks for telling us about some nice chinese food, Stay awesome.

thank you adnanrabbani, yes they were as yummy as they look.

No durian cake for me 555

Hi julee I don't like durian fruit as too strong the taste, but when made into cakes or snacks it's really nice i think

Thunderous lord Jay, you just got me salivating over the prawns. The restaurant have to best way of presenting prawns that I have ever seen. I only hope it taste just as awesome as it looks.

thank you lordjames, the local people love to eat prawns and other seafood, so the restaurant must be well trained to serve them, it taste fresh and tasty

Hi @djohan
Glad to see the various chinese dishes, no doubt to his lezatan, among some photos of the food above I want to taste
"Beef spare ribs" seems very special. :)
Have a nice dinner

thank you amuchtar, the beef was ordered because i like to eat meat, it was tender and yummy

your welcome @djohan :)

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