Photo of my dinner

in food •  last year  (edited)

Hi Steemit

I notice there is food option on the camera of Samsung Galaxy 8. So decided to try it on our dinner and see if there is some noticable difference . There is a blur effect too, i think that's to blur the surrounding of the food and only focus on the middle part. Will try that later on




you be the judge. Let me know in the comments. Thank you

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I really want to eat all that , this phone camera is very good, it seems apple got left in the dust


thank you bitcoinman, yes the camera of Samsung seems better, My wife uses Iphone


iPhone really is falling off they had the the best cameras at the start, but at this point they are so behind in many ways one of the only reasons that I stick to apple is becouse their ios is more stable (feweress bugs viruses ) and they have more apps for making music and art.


yes i noticed my wife's iphone 4 was better than my samsung S4, but from 6 onwards the samsung is better i feel. But it gets hot in my pocket, and the iphone isn't too hot

Compare to your food post 6 months ago,it is a win buy! Good on sumsung!


thank you emilymichelle, yes there seem to be some improvement with photo quality

The first one looks really good, making me hungry now.


thank you azfix, yes that one has very bright color and the taste was great too

Ya pics looking some bright and clear . Good pics of food


thank you spiritualpower

Nice food enjoy dinner


thank you pardeepkumar

Wow...another yammy photography by @djohan sir...
That is clear and best camer clicks...I think Samsung galaxy S8 camera is best...
The 12-megapixel 'Dual Pixel' rear-facing camera is back and paired with a better front-facing camera and a tweaked camera interface. Samsung doesn't seem to be making too much of a spectacle of the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+'s main camera, and that's likely because it hasn't changed the hardware....

Thanks sir...


thank you dini1, yes they keep improving, camera seems to be very important part of the phone as people use it a lot for social media

cool high quality friend you have great tool on your cellphone


thank you enriqueig, it would be great tool for travelling

Well the photo’s look good to does the I’m hungry :-)


thank you floridanow, i think it's wise for Samsung to have food option, as food is part of the travelling fun

Excellent shots and yes there is difference the S8 camera focuses on food rather than anything else around and that results in amazing food shots and i like it's blurring effect too, thanks for telling us amazing features of S8 phone, Stay blessed


thank you adnanrabbani, yes looking back at the old photos of the same food, i can notice the difference now

you make me hungry :-D..... your photos looks good...good job!


thank you julee, will practice more with the phone and upload better photos

Wow!!! These looks amazing. The first two dishes are certainly my favorites. Yummy!!! @djohan


thank you wthomas, i can see some improvements comparing the same food photoed by the older phone

The last one looking yummy most... just I Finished had my dinner I will hv hope of taste it lol.. nice shot..


thank you davidad, the last one is seafood tofu, the kids also like that one the most

@djohan, Excellently taken tasty foods pictures from Samsung Galaxy.
Well done Samsung.


thank you madushanka, yes they have made a lot of improvements since my old S6

Good looking yummy photo shots early morning I saw. I want to get breakfast very soon cuz your captures. Made me hungry @djohan.


thank you dragonking. It was very yummy indeed

Hello @djohan,

Incredible photography you just captured by Samsung Galaxy 8 phone camera. They looks delicious & extraordinary good in taste.



thank you mywhale, the food was delicious and the galaxy8 make it looks very nice

@djohan - Sir it's a delicious dinner & you made a fantastic photography there...



thank you steemwija, yes it was very yummy dinner

Seriously FOOD OPTION :O I never heard about it before! What a great photography and I assure I am hungry now! This is so delicious friend :D



thank you theguruasia, yes i never tried the food option before, but turned out the photos look better, will use it more for future food photography

a lot of delicious foods on the table. impressive photography from your phone cam @djohan

reteemed & upvoted


thank you resteemia, yes it was very delicious, all of us enjoyed it

Wow nice clicks the food too looks amazing in this :)


thank you steemphotography

Good observation. It blur surroundings by focusing on main food just like DSLR camera. Nice function. Thanks for sharing. @djohan


thank you kamchore, i think i will need to practice that function, and the result must be really improved

Wow yummy food , good enjoy it. fantastic photography.
((((( Resteem Service))))


thank you minoservice

Wow beautiful dinner you had this is so nice to see loved it nice experience there :)


thank you blazing, it was very dinner, we all enjoyed it

I judge that food edible. And I think the camera does a great job of capturing the edibility of the food, because now I'm hungry again. :)


thank you themanwithnoname, i am happy the photos look improved from the old phone. and the food was very delicious too

@djohan great food . Photography seems professional, But I'm angry because you did not invite me to eat haha #cheers

Really really great food
But also photos are token professionally

three food items to see very delicious and tasty...... I judge that food edible. And I think the camera does a great job of capturing the edibility of the food, because this time i am hungry.your dinner food really good.thank u very much for your good post sharing.dear friend. @djohan

@djohan That looks incredible, made me hungry ...##Upvote/Resteem###

All the dishes were super yummy and delicious and the pics made it more interesting it was super crisp :)

Interesting option. Awesome photos but I wonder the difference of food option and normal mode.

I never like food photos on insta or face but your work is informative and I like it.

Thank you for sharing and information. Please share us both photos to see difference.

the dishes you ordered is just mind blowing and seeing the photos so amazing and the quality is very impressive

Nice dishes and the camera on the s8 is even amazing with that interesting feature

wow,, very intersting good . Natural photography .thanks for sharing @djohan

this is very delicious its so nice yummy photographs

amazing foof. loved , great photography @djohan . cheers

They are indeed looking very delicious by the way !

The effects seems to be great !