Chinese food

in food •  6 months ago

Hi steemit

I haven't posted food photos for a while now, this was our lunch yesterday at a Chinese restaurant

3 BBQ meat combinations, Duck, roast pork, BBQ pork


Sweet and sour pork


Mixed Vegetables


Deep fried tofu


Long beans with pork mince


Sometimes you need to take a break from the market and enjoy some food with your family

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looks sooo yummmyy


You got a 69.45% upvote from @minnowvotes courtesy of @hassanabid!

I haven't eaten Chinese food in a while. Now you are making my mouth water.....


thank you edkarnie, so yummy Chinese food

wow that looks great!


thank you fabianklauder, i love Chinese food, so yummy and a lot of choices


My favorites until I cut back on meat - the first two dishes ...


thank you freedomshift, the crispy pork is my favorite dish

Nothing better that reward yourself with good food, i mean tasty food comfort the soul :), looking this dishes my prefered is this

I just want to add some rice and that will be amazing. Regards


thank you dim753, yes chinese food is perfect with rice

Those long beans look tasty :-)


Thank you floridanow, yes it is tasty with the mince taste

The skin for all of them look crunchy. Must be high quality Chinese!



Thank you kevbot. Yes really crunchy the skin part of pork and duck.
haha this is Gas from Neo


Good one bro!

@djohan, After the long period you posted foods post again. Those foods looks yummy. I prefer to eat Sweet and sour pork & fried tofu.


thank you madushanka, i think sweet and sour pork is the most popular Chinese dish

I will definitely join i with your fried vegetables and tofu!!
After such a meal, I would have to go for an hour swim in the evening!


thank you kaminchan, yes swimming is very good to burn the calories after eating a big meal

Wow mouth watering yummy food photo.

Wow yummy Chinese food. very tasty. so great articleand wonderful photography
Thanks @djohan
Have a great day


thank you goldcoin, it;s fun to take pictures before we eat them

Hello @djohan, (Sometimes you need to take a break from the market and enjoy some food with your family.) I totally agree with you, my son and I only see each other in the morning when he leaves for work and arrives at night , the few moments that we share together I try to optimize them, the family is the best.


thank you martha75, yes earning money in the market should be for the purpose of making the family happy

That looks right mouth watering. Opps I just drooled. :-)


thank you manorvillemike, yes they are very tasty, i always enjoy Chinese food with family

I like tofu, vegtables and green beans .
Enjoy your food .


thank you spiritualpower, yes i make sure to have vegetables every meal now

Good green food, it's a good source of iron and vitamins .


thank you pardeepkumar, yes need to have vegetables with every meal

BBQ Pork, I didn't try yet! It seems delicious and yeah I will try this out too! It's good to see your food post again! Coz it's always delicious!



thank you theguruasia, It's really crispy on the skin part, and meat very soft and tasty

Looks really delicious by the way


thank you rehan12

Chinese food is so delicious always even i feel hungry right now hahh that's so nice :D


thank you blazing, yes Chinese food is really delicious, i like to have it once a week