Daily food photography - 6.22 | 好吃的东,莴笋肉,加黄瓜木耳菜

in #food6 years ago

Fresh bamboo, cucumber, for today.



  • Shooting with pixel 2.


Photos tell the story itself, that's why I love so much about phtography! If you like my photo and feel like talking to me, welcome to follow my page and leave your comment here to help me making better photos. Each of your support will be appreciated, cheers.

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Its totally amazing i love it and its mouth watery

Thank you for stopping by, my friend. I will keep updating foodie.

你好!客官渴不渴,有没有去 @laodr 老道茶馆喝口热茶啊?假如我的留言打扰到你,请回复“取消”。

wow it looks delicious yummy ^^

It's kinda difficult to think a balancing meal, feels good to share my food with everyone here.

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