French fries: The food history of the delicious taste made from potatoes

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Fast food poem is the first choice. The discovery of this Golden Ambrosia is still unknown to us. However, it is the idea from various public opinion that its origin is probably in Belgium or France. But the fact is, there is a disagreement that its actual birthplace is not right! According to the name, it can be thought France has been named 'French Fry'. But what is history?
Let's learn about French history: Spanish, France or Belgian is not introducing Europe's first potato. In 1537, Gimenez de Quitta and his Spanish team went to Columbia. There he saw different potatoes in a village, which was large in size and quite healthy. This potato was named Spaniard Troubles, which became 'differently smelled', after 20 years, such potatoes were introduced in Spain and it was also known in Italy. In Spain or Italy, potatoes were small in size and were very tasty. Later, Europeans learned the cultivation of potatoes well, reducing the size of potatoes and reducing them. Then started potatoes in Belgium, at the end of the 17th century or early 18th century, the Atletas of Belgian started potatoes and started with their rice with oil. In this region, people prefer to eat raw flour, and after mixing flour with stack, it starts eating. Once the fish was difficult to get, but instead of fish, potatoes began to eat because it is easier to cultivate potatoes than fish.
French colonist Dr. Anthony Augustine has increased popularity of potatoes between Europe and France. He debuted for seven years in the war before eating potato, French has never seen potato ever before. Finally, in 1772, the Paris Medical Department said there was no problem with people eating potato. Although still standing, he works in the hospital where he can not cultivate potatoes in pharmacy.

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