Potatoes and eggs, make a big meal in ten minutes?

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This is my first article in steem. I hope you will support it. Thank you.

One of the hungry afternoon, open the refrigerator, only potatoes and eggs.
Some people open the takeout software, some people may choose to endure, and others, in ten minutes made a big meal, pick up a knife and fork to eat up.

It's a Spanish cuisine, unlike traditional Chinese food. Inclusive love what to eat, are cut into small pieces into the pot a throw, and then mix in the egg fried small fire slow on the line. When baked eggs strong Sheng, looking at the golden crispy appearance wrapped also rich stuffing, bite, sweet potato soft and dense, mixed with the aroma of egg.

Like the winter afternoon sun on the tip of the tongue, very warm and gentle.
The cracker adults: Well, I like the warm.

1, 3 eggs are scattered, add two spoonful of milk and mix up, spare.
2, pour a little olive oil in the pan (lower heat temperature), small fire heating, cut small potato chats, stir fry for 2 minutes or so.
Note: cut smaller, the pot in the picture is smaller, so it is relatively large.
3, add a proper amount of Bacon, onion, stir fry, add a little salt, black pepper flavoring.
4, the distribution of ingredients evenly, pour the marinated egg.
5, stamped with a small fire to bake for 5 minutes (pick up the pot a turn, let the ingredients evenly).
6, to be solidified egg lid, will buckle to a baked egg slide into the pot (over), bake 2 minutes Sheng (the same as in step 5, picked up the pot a turn), then baked eggs buckle Sheng, potatoes baked eggs complete! (heated for more than 10 minutes before and after the potato block, don't worry about being unfamiliar)
Take advantage of the hot cut and eat it!

The sun was warm in the afternoon

And the heart is filled with this taste.

If you are a bit greedy......

Adults very playfully please shortbread you praise

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I Agree !


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Fast and delicious !


This is my first article, and there are more food recipes in the future. Thank you for your support.

I hope you will support me

Nice; cooking with pictures is my favorite way!
I am doing myself a little bit of cooking and recording it!
I think posting own, original content is the best way to Steem!

Here are my last recipes:

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Hope you try it out!
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Thanks Dicky for following... im excited to read your blog on foods.. my God
i love cooking too...


Thank you for giving me a lot of praise. I'll continue my creation and we can do the food together.

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Good entry and cool photos! Looks delicious!