Why I love noodles

in #food2 years ago

What comes to mind when I hear "I am not a food person "
Who doesn't need food ?
So I got back from work today and was tired and hungry had to fix a quick dinner and what could be better than noodles? I began the task, first I started off with the plantain as I noticed one was going bad. After frying the plantain, I washed two eggs and put on the burner. Just as the eggs boiled, I added the noodles, stirred and covered to cook.
Then came the veggies tomatoes, green pepper, red pepper, onions and carrots allowed to simmer in a little quantity of oil in a pan.
Then I added the seasonings and chili pepper. Just after this, I turned the veggies and corned beef in and then mixed it. Then put out the burner and covered to simmer a bit with the heat of the food.
It was sure short but yummy. The result is just beautiful.
And the taste was..............