Black beef

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Item : কালা ভূনা উইথ বাসমতি রাইস

Place: প্রিয় মেজবান

Price :কালা ভূনা হাফ কেজি ৭০০

বাসমতি রাইস:১০০(৫ জনের জন্য যথেষ্ট)
The Fraditional Dish Of Chittagong Is Now Available Ou Our Own Dhaka City.
It Is My Fast Visit On This place Bt Ofcourse Its Nt The Last On Because Of The Test Of This Dish The Taste Of The Dish Was Really Good,,I Really Liked It


The Service Was Good Too,,,The Staff And Their Behaviour Was Nice Too On Top Of That... The place Is nicely Decorated...Overall I Liked The Place And The Food Very Muchch
Atmosphere:Also 10/10
Service:Good Enough


Looking very tasty and yammy.