Taiwanese "8 Pot Stinky Stinky Hot Pot!"

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Taiwanese Spicy Hot Soup Hot Pot

Look at all that yummy stuff!

Located in Tsim Sha Tsui, the name of this restaurant literally translates to "8 Pot Stinky Stinky Hot Pot." Actually the hot pots are not stinky! The stink is from stinky tofu, which is a hugely popular food due to it’s pungent smell and the Taiwanese absolutely love it! Stinky tofu is used to represent Taiwan food in a cute manner, but the focus is on the hot pots, and customers can choose between 8 different ones.

Each hot pot has it’s own special soup base and ingredients! The flavors include: The House Special Hot Soup, Taiwanese Spicy Hot Soup, Cheese Milk Hot Soup, Garlic Beef Hot Soup, Herbal Lamb Hot Soup, Sour Mustard Lamb Hot Soup, Tomato Pork Hot Soup, and Satay Beef Hot Soup.

Satay Beef Hot Soup

Completely packed inside!


It looks delicious 😋

it look delicies food...&..... .vary healthy

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