Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream!

in #food3 years ago

Release the liquid nitrogen! Let’s make ice cream!

After finishing a monster dinner in Tin Hau my brother and I headed over to Tai Hang’s famous Lab Made Ice Cream for some dessert. Lab Made uses liquid nitrogen to freeze ingredients to make the perfect ice cream in minutes! The result is a fresher, creamier, and more flavorful texture.

The husband and wife owners discovered liquid nitrogen ice cream when they traveled to the UK. They decided to bring it back to Hong Kong and settled on the current Tai Hang location.

Enjoyed the ice cream at Lab Made and can’t wait to go back!

Salted Caramel with Sweet Crunchies, Lab Made’s No. 1 Flavor

Bayleys Ice Cream Flavor

Couple Enjoys Lab Made, the Perfect Date Night dessert

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