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Ok! 6 Days in! Sounds like a plan, I kinda get why our ancestors thought it might be a good idea to all agree on some form of measuring the passage of time, because damn, without those few date pixels in the top right hand corner of my screen, I’d have NO damn clue!

And i’m sure it wasn’t OUR ancestors specifically, for some reason, i feel like mine and your ancestors didn’t give a damn, they were probably at the beach when the decision got made. lol

3 Things I’m Grateful for Today are…

  • I felt so damn good today, tons of energy and focus
  • I know its silly but i put up a regular blog post for the first time in ages- im glad i remembered how!
  • I’m feeling ready for what tomorrow has to offer

I know you’re going to be busy today so I’m going to keep this short sweet and to the point. :D

I’m really pleased with my energy and focus levels today. According to fitbit I got 9 hours of sleep, and even though not a ton of it was REM, I really woke up feeling alert and ready. Which you know for me is a RARE occasion. I’m thankful for it and hope it happens again, but if it doesn’t I’ve already got my day tomorrow set out so all I have to do is step through.

Don’t worry tomorrow-morning-sleepy-dayle, I’ve got your back.

There’s some ominous rolling thunder coming in. It might be one of those crazy ones you get on the really hot days where the sky just rips open. Time for me to head downstairs soon. I thought I saw thunderstorms forecast for tomorrow, but if we have the storms now, and things cool down I may take a nice early walk when I get up in the AM, get the blood flowing you know? I somehow convinced myself I didn’t have time for that the past few weeks, but getting up and out with Max proved me wrong. There’s plenty of time you just have to make it.

Also, I looked at visa stuff again this evening so know I’m making progress on that :). One step at a time...

As for you my love, you’re going to have a lovely day today. I don’t know why but its just a gut feeling I’m having. Forgive my mysticism just take today piece by piece. Remember you don’t have any modding to worry about, and I’m here to at the very least make you smile and send you loves energies. You’ve got this, and soon you’ll be getting huggles from minibizaaaa! YAYA!

I’ve got nothing but love for you in this half-german, half-italian, all jersey heart of mine. Even the spot where the pizza is supposed to go… it’s all you darlin.

I love you mouse.
<3 Dot

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i even made it into the pizza place? oh my gosh. boy is living! :) -- writing something quick back, because i have too! and because time travelling! :)


even the pizza place my love, that's kinda a big deal ;)


i mean, that's kinda huge right? :)


well you're kind of a big deal to me.. so makes sense from where im sittin ;)


awwww. thanks biza ;)