Feel a little Venezuelan with this Pavilion. Recipe # 6

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¡Creole Pavilion Gentlemen!

Hello community of Steemit, today I will talk a little about the National Dish For Excellence of Venezuela, it is the famous, rich and colorful "Venezuelan Pavilion", one of the most common dishes in Venezuelan families. As I just mentioned today, I will only talk about this dish, a little of its history and some variations of it as my favorite, which is "the Pavilion on Horseback". I decided not to put the recipe because the pavilion is a dish composed of several elements that are prepared separately and which are common in our day to day.

To start I will talk a little about its history that goes back to the XVII century in colonial times in which the Spaniards occupied and administered the national territory where the slaves to stay fed had to ration their food, for this reason it is said that the pavilion is a combination of leftovers from previous meals, they kept the rice, the meat and the beans and the only thing that was prepared the same day were the slices.

While the Pavilion is a fairly simple dish, it represents the different cultures and miscegenation of Venezuelans; The European culture represented by white rice, the Indigenous by the meat (brown) and the African by the beans, however, does not mean that each of these foods come from these regions, it is more a type of symbolism.

As the years passed the "Criollo Pavilion" was taking different variants due to its fame and its versatility to be combined, my favorite is the Horse Pavilion which shows in the previous image which only has a fried egg on the pavilion referring to another dish famous as the steak on horseback, another variant of the pavilion is to use it as a filling in an arepa or in a perfect empanada to eat them on the beach if you are not a fish lover (if you do not like fish you are not from mine), also according to the region they give their special touches as in the plains that add grated cheese or change the meat for chiguire, in margarita or on the coasts vary the meat for the fish, in Zulia they use coconut in the meat, other sugar in the beans in the end the imagination, cultures and tastes are very diverse and I am sure that everyone has a special way of accompanying their dishes and give them another level, as there are those who put mayonnaise to the hallaca, however, I will not fall into controversy because I know it is a long enough topic to discuss.

I am retiring for today and I hope you have identified with "Criollo Pavilion" or one of its variants, if you have any suggestions or want to share any special variant that you have made, you can leave it in the comments. Until next time as always a pleasure to share my experiences with you.


I love this post, daniel9339 !

The historia and meaning behind food is often as interesting and complex and beautiful as the people who cook and eat it. I guess it's no surprise that such an interesting food story comes from Venezuela, then.

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