Dear Diary: This Dish Seems So Easy To Do

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This dish seems so easy to do and we just needed some cheap steak meat which would have to tenderize by beating it with the back of the knife or the bottom part of a glass bottle perhaps. The reason for that is to break the muscle fibers so if once cooked it won't form a pulp inside our mouths.

Then it is ready for searing after seasoning it a bit. Browning both sides will impart a good flavor unto the meat. Then after that in the same pan we throw in some chopped onions and garlic and caramelize those until they are so soft.

We transfer them in a mortar and season it with some salt and pepper and beat it with a pestle until it is smooth and after that we add some white wine. All of that after mixing it for a while it is then transferred back to the frying pan and then the seared meat is added and then simmered for a few minutes after adding some bay leaves.

The important part of this recipe is the way the meat is tenderized because it will be useless for a meat dish to be served and eaten if it is so tough to eat but tenderizing it with some simple steps will be effective for it to get eaten sasily without salting or aging or getting some expensive cuts of meat.

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You have introduced a tasty food. I will try to make it. Thanks for sharing.

It looks like an easy recipe to make and at the same time delicious, is similar to a dish that make in my country called "Bistec encebollado" which basically is meat with caramelized onions

Finally the perfect steak you we had in mind for weeks 😍