The Process of Making Yogurt in Food Industry

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Yogurt is a fermented dairy product obtained as a result of lactic acid fermentation. All yogurts should contain at least 8.25% non-fat solids. Full fat yogurt should not contain less than 3.25% fat, low-fat yogurt less than 2% milk fat, and skim yogurt less than 0.5% fat.

Ingredients Used in Yogurt Manufacturing

The major part of yogurt is milk. This can be low fat or full fat depending on the finished product. The yogurt solids content is usually adjusted to a minimum of 8.25% to provide better body and texture for the finished yogurt. Stabilizers can also be used in yogurt to improve texture and body by increasing hardness, preventing separation of solid and liquid

Bacterial Cultures

The starter or main bacterial cultures used in yogurt are Streptococcus thermophiles and Lactobacillus bulgaricus.

General Steps of Yogurt Manufacturing

Weighing of Ingredients

The milk components ratio can be attuned to attain the wanted solid and fat content.

Heating of Milk

The milk mix pasteurized at 203°F for 10 minutes or 185°F for 30 minutes. High heat action is used to denature serum protein. This will help the protein to make an extra stable gel which stops water separation during storage.


The mixture is homogenized (2000-2500 psi) to thoroughly mix all ingredients and improve the consistency of the yogurt.


The milk is cooled to 108°F and brings yogurt to cooling plants to achieve the desired growth temperature.


The starter cultures were mixed in cool milk.


Milk is filled with boxes of the desired shape and size for further processing.


Milk was stored at 108°F until pH 4.5 reached and become solidify.


At the end yogurt must be cooled to 4°C to stop the fermentation process.

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Thanks for sharing the process. It's educative to the audience in that following the same process we shall be able to make yoghurt. Through this we shall make good entrepreneurs.
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Hi cryptokraze,

First time reading about how yogurt is made. I did not imagine that to make a yogurt would take so many steps.

Making it at industrial level require these things.

you know that when we make yoghurt at home ( we call it curd), we dont get the same consistency as manufactured yoghurt. But it is very tasty and much more natural. We warm up milk (pre boiled), add leftover curd and cover it up so that it will ferment. Buffalo milk gives the best consistency while cow's milk yields the best taste

It is because we don't have controlled growth of microbes in home. While it is controlled in food industry and that is why Yogurt have consistant texture and taste.

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Making food is very standard. Sophisticated technology is being prepared and looks very beautiful. To eat and very tasty Will be

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i made it


Good Post

Its sad to see how our food has changed over the years those days having healthy food without much human intervention is over. Everything or at least mostly everything is heavily processed with so much additives in it. Thanks for this article

Best food for your health, Thanks for sharing ♥

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OH man that's a lot of process! That's why I love yogurt :)

Very credible post..... Been eating this everyday without knowing how it's produced; guess i just learnt something useful

Direct cow's milk and Modified milk is never the same. Much more positive to eat milk from the oxen for our human body!
The use of this technology is very positive for us
Thanks for the valuable article @cryptokraze