The Health Benefits Associated with Coriander

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Hey folks @cryptokraze here with my new Blog about Food and Health awareness in which I will highlight the health benefits associated with Coriander. We should add variety of foods in our diet because they have bio-active components in them that help in preventing many diseases and provide other health benefits.

Health Benefits of Coriander

Health benefits of coriander include:

Lowers Skin Inflammation

Coriander is one of the eleven components of its essential oils. Linoleic acid is also found in coriander. They have anti-rheumatic and anti-rheumatic characteristics. They help to reduce the swelling caused by these two conditions. For other swelling symptoms, such as swelling due to anemia or renal dysfunction, it is also considered to be effective for certain things because some parsley ingredients help to release excess water from the body and cause urination.

Lowers Cholesterol Levels

Some organic acids present in coriander, such as oleic acid, stearic acid, linoleic acid, vitamin C and palmitic acid are very effective in lowering blood cholesterol levels. What's more, this herb helps increase healthy HDL cholesterol levels as a defensive line against many dangerous conditions.

Treats Diarrhea

The essential oils contained in coriander, such as linalool and borneol, have a good liver function, aid digestion, and intestinal obstruction, and at the same time help to reduce diarrhea. Since borneol, cineole, terpene, β-phellandrene, and α-pinene, etc., have an antibacterial effect, it is also useful for the treatment of diarrhea caused by microorganisms, particularly through the action of fungi.

Prevents Anemia

It is rich in iron and can directly help people with anemia. Too low levels of iron in the blood can lead to shortness of breath, extreme fatigue, decreased palpitations and cognitive function. Iron also promotes the function of other organ systems, increases strength and energy, and promotes bone health.

Anti-allergic Properties

Many studies have shown that coriander has strong antihistamine properties that can reduce the unpleasant effects of fever (rhinitis) and seasonal allergies. The oil can also be used to reduce allergic reactions caused by contact with plants, food, insects and other substances. In the room, it prevents harmful itching, allergies, and swollen glands and throat.

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Coriander contains a lot of health benefits. My mother make a sauce of it and it really tastes good especially with fried food items.

@introvert-dime could you please share the recipe of the sauce which your mother make, i am also fond of cooking and i love innovation, want to try new recipes everyday...

Coriander or cilantro is a wonderful source of dietary fiber, manganese, iron and magnesium as well. In addition, coriander leaves are rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin K and protein. They also contain small amounts of calcium, phosphorous, potassium, thiamin, niacin and carotene.

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I love cilantro! It's smells great, so refreshing and a great detoxer! As a child, I hated cilantro because of its strong, peppery flavor. But as I've grown older, I love it. The strong, peppery taste is still there, but I guess I enjoy it now. I still don't have a taste for wine or wine. Too bitter...I don't think I'll ever like it.

Thanks for teaching me this wonderful news about cilantro. I just eat it for the taste. I had no idea about all the goodness it does for me. I have four large plants growing now but I find it tastes better when small. So it is market cilantro for me. I guess I will just harvest the seeds and try to stagger growing them next year.

Good publication. In addition, the taste that coriander gives to the meals is spectacular. I use it all the time. With soups, meats and salads. Just make sure you add it at the end of the cooking so as not to burn its flavor and properties.

Recommendation: add the reference of the information to your publications.

@ cryptokraze how coriander is developed our bone health?

Coriander is very common in Indian recipies. It is so beneficial., is amazing

after al long time i read your beautiful blog again @cryptokraze. Coriander is also create taste in foods and really all the benefits mention above are very informative.Thanks

Crypto guy writing about the coriander ... seems this is related to trade somehow :D

@cryptokraze Never knew coriander was so beneficial .. i eat it almost everyday , when my wife prepares food she add coriander without fail

maybe she knows the benefits

There are many health benefits of Coriander. Thank you for sharing for the valuable information.

Coriander or cilantro is a wonderful source of dietary fiber, manganese, iron and magnesium as well. In addition, coriander leaves are rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin K and protein. They also contain small amounts of calcium, phosphorous, potassium, thiamin, niacin and carotene.

Good Health Tips for Reduce Bad cholesterol

Helpful and informative post. Thank you for sharing

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