Food and Health Awareness | Eggplants having Health Boosting Properties

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Hey folks @cryptokraze here with my new Blog about Food and Health awareness in which I will highlight the health benefits associated with Eggplants. We should add variety of foods in our diet because they have bio-active components in them that help in preventing many diseases and provide other health benefits.

Health Benefits of Eggplants

The healthy aspects of eggplant are as the following:

Aid in Digestion

Like other vegetables, eggplant is an excellent source of dietary fiber and an important part of a balanced diet. Fiber is very important for gastrointestinal health and regular bowel movements. It inflates your stool so that it can pass through the digestive tract more easily while stimulating peristaltic movements. Smooth muscle contractions help the food out of the body. Finally, the fiber stimulates the secretion of gastric juice and promotes nutrient absorption and food processing.

Improve Bone Health

There are many bone health benefits from eggplant, which is very good for people at high risk of bone damage like osteoporosis. Phenolic compounds are the unique color of eggplant and many other fruits. These compounds are also associated with fewer symptoms of the bone disease.

Prevent Anemia

Iron deficiency may be very detrimental to overall health and may manifest as anemia. Therefore, eating iron-rich foods can resist anemia, while eggplant contains a lot of iron. Eggplant is also very rich in copper, another important component of red blood cells, such as iron. Without these two minerals, the number of red blood cells in the body will continue to decrease as they continue to be consumed.

Improve Brain Function

Eggplant is a good source of phytonutrients and is known as a stimulant for general mental health and cognitive activity. They not only resist free radical activity, keep the body and brain free from toxins and diseases, but also increase blood flow to the brain. By providing more oxygen-rich blood to the brain, they stimulate the development of neural pathways, stimulating the power of memory and analytical thinking. Potassium in eggplant can also act as a brain booster and vasodilator. Overall, they should be called "brain food."

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It is one of the popular vegetables in the Indian subcontinent. Vegetarian or non veg all like this. Thanks for sharing.

Eggplant has recently become one of the staple foods in our home. My kids don't like it but I often mix it with spaghetti sauce and they can't tell the difference. 😉

cheers to eggplants.

Yes, eggplant is good and healthy, I used to prepare in sauces, I consumed since child because is useful to low cholesterol in blood.
Congrats, I`ll follow you

Gonna boost my memory power by consuming some of those! Appreciated, @cryptokraze! Resteem and upvote deserved ;)

Excelente articulo todo lo dicho es cierto y muchas cosas mas,te doy mi voto

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Hi I'm posting a seafood platter on ice. @seelc

Did you ever cover seafood and health?

I love smoked eggplant good that it is good for health as well.

Best regards from Berlin

the aubergines besides good for the health are delicious, I prepare them to the plate and they remain divine

Egg plants seems like the perfect vegetable and has several health implications. Thanks for sharing

tomorrow this dish will on my table , thanks for sharing good information

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also can be used in self defense.

That's too much informative post

Excellent, I had no knowledge of so many benefits to our body that brings the aubergine. thanks for sharing

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I saw the eggplant yesterday at a fruit store, i didn't know much about it, thanks for shedding the light in your post, a friend also told me they sometimes take it with bread

Great article! I didn't know that eggplants have so many benefits, although I really like it. Especially grilled, sprinkled with salt :) I also like it in Indian dishes, e.g. with curry rice or coconut milk. Thank you for this article!
Mabye you know some good and simple recipies with eggplant?

Awwwwwn.....yummy! Awesome information, thanks for sharing

The last time i bought it, i thought one can eat it raw. My experience wasn't that too good. My wife was laughing at me for assuming that I was just like any other garden eggs that we have over here. Since then i did not buy it again although i see it every day.

Well, now that you have educated me on its importance of it's health benefits, i guess i and my wife will have to find a way of including the eggplant in our daily sustenance.
Thank you for sharing useful information.