todays food ; this is part of my 35 meal plan = a $35 a week eating system. That is why it is called the 35 plan ! ! !

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Wednesday 30 nv16

coffee, sweetener, skim milk, creamer.

breakfast oats and full cream milk. coffee

lunch afternoon. whole wheat bread, spinach large handful, raw celery (1 stalk), raw broccoli (2 florets), raw carrot (long!),

dinner, apple, tinned rice and beans (rinsed & washed)

late nite, chocolate milk & full cream milk glass.

20 mins shuffle alternate walk and 8 to 12 glasses filtered water . . .

15 pushups and 7 hammer pullups...

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I wonder if this was called the 10 plan before inflation. :P

I have no way of knowing that, but I suspect it might be the 58 plan in a few years ; )

Thank you for reading my amazing authorings :)