Mauritian Sweets Made with Dates : Dates Halwa.

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Hi my dear friends of steemit.

Today am so excited to share with you one easy and healthy recipe and I am sure everyone will like it! It does not cost a lot as we need just little ingredients, and you don't need an oven to cook them!!!

The Mauritian Dates Halwa is a very famous sweet in Mauritius, and regardless of the fact that it is among the sweetest sweets, but we have to look at the benefits of dates which are manifested in:

  • Dates have a good energy, sugar, fiber, vitamin A.
  • Dates contains essential minerals such as calcium, iron, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, magnesium, and zinc.

Dates Halwa

So these are the ingredients which i used to prepare them:


  • 1/2 kg of dates paste (you can use the seedless one).
  • 100 gms of toasted and crushed almonds
  • 50 gms of butter
  • Half package of biscuit Marie.
  • Sesame seeds

Start by mixing the butter with dates paste and let them cooked until melt.

Then add the almond and mix well on medium fire!

And then lastly add the crushed biscuits and sesame seeds and cook for 1 more minute!

Mix and stir all well until you get a dry texture.
Let’s the mixture cool down!

Once cooled, take little of this mixture and roll in foil paper! Add some more sesame seed before rolling.

Put in fridge for 1 hour for them to not break when cut!

Et voila my friends...the Dates Halwa is ready!!!!! Wow they are super delicious!!!
These stays in the fridge for many days!!!

Bon Appetit!!!

How did you find these Mauritian Dates Halwa?

Kindly upvote, comment and resteem for more to come very soon.

Thank you!

Arabic version

السلام عليكم إخواني أخواتي
أنا جد متشوقة اليوم لكي أشارككم وصفة سهلة و صحية،و أنا متأكدة أنها ستنال إعجابكم، لأنها لن تتطلب منكم الكثير من المكونات و لن تحتاج إلى الفرن
فحلوة التمر الموريسية تعد من أشهر الحلويات هناك، و بغض النظر عن أنها من الحلويات الأكثر حلاوة ، لكن علينا أن ننظر إلى فوائد التمر العديدة التي تتجلى في احتواءه على طاقة حرارية و السكر و الألياف ،الفيتامين أ،احتواءه على الأملاح المعدنية و الكالسيوم و مادة الحديد، البوتاسيوم ، الصوديوم، المغنيزيوم و الزنك.
لعمل هذه الحلوة نحتاج إلى المكونات التالية
نصف كيلو من عجينة التمر إن لم تتوفر عليكم باستعمال التمر الطري وإزالة العظم١
١٠٠غرام من اللوز المحمر و المهرمش
٥٠غرام من الزبدة
نصف علبة بيسكوي ماريا
القليل من الزنجلان

نقوم بتذويب الزبدة مع عجينة التمر مع التحريك
إلى أن نحصل على خليط متجانس
نضيف اللوز الذي تم تحضيره سابقا و نحرك الخليط على نار متوسطة
نضيف المكونات الأخرى و نستمر في التحريك إلى أن يجف الخليط ، بعد ذلك ندعه يبرد
نقوم بأخذ ورق الألمنيوم و بسطه على الطاولة نقوم بأخذ كرة من الخليط و نقوم بتشكيل قضبان ، بعد ذلك نقوم بلفها بواسطة الورق ، و ندخلها إلى الثلاجة لتبرد جيدا لكي لا تتكسر عند تقطيعها
بعد ذلك نقطعها على شكل دوائر و نحتفظ بها في الثلاجة
حلوة التمر الموريسية جاهزة !!!! إنها لذيذة جدا
كيف و جدتم حلوة التمر الموريسية؟
شكرا لكم على تتبعكم و هناك العديد من الوصفات الشهية، فقط ترقبوا.

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فالصراحة كنفرح ملي كنلقا مغاربة
بالتوفيق @creativewoman

شكرا لك أخي حتى أنا كنفرح فاش كنشوف المغاربة هنا نتعاونو مع بعضنا

Hello my dear friend, as you always surprise me this recipe is very easy to make I have all the ingredients except dates patties, what is it made of? or do you know why I can substitute ingredient

Hi friend! Thank you for reading the post! Take the seedless dates and steam them then form patties.

com on @creativewoman you deserve your own TV show,that's on an other level and look sooooo delicious,if you are married (se3dat rajlek ) if not (se3dat li ghadi ytzewej bik )

السلام عليكم أخي شكرا على هاذ الكلام المشجع أنا متزوجة و عندي بنيتة الله يحفظها لي راه الزوج ديالي هو @progressivechef.

الله يكمل عليكم بالخير و الله يخليها ليك أختي تبارك الله داكشي معتبر.

امين الله يحفظك

هادشي عندك اختي واعر الله يوفق تبارك الله عليك انشاء ستيمت يكون طريق وصول لي الثراء

الله يحفظك خويا شكرا إنشاء الله علاش لا

هدشي عندك كيحمق و يشهي تبارك لله على دوك ليدين

شكرا أختي العزيزة الله يبارك فيك

This looks very good in Mauritius have very good recipes of sweets, this looks like an energy bar or something similar I liked the touch of almonds that I certainly love @creativewoman

Thank you very much for your kind words.

wow it is very delicious, I will try to make it, thank you for sharing his friend recipe

Thank you very much for commenting @bungaterakhir.

It is very curious how they cook in your country, definitely something new for me being from Latin America

Thank you very much for your comment.

The hardest to get are the dates but I want to make it looks divine.

I hope you get it to try these delicious sweets.

Wow it's really so tasty And delicious recipe.... I will try to make this recipe thanks dear for sharing this post and I always learned new recipes from your post @creativewomen

Hi dear! Am so glad that you are learning from me, I hope you try it.

If it looks delicious, you are right in how healthy it is it is important that it provides energy to our body, I think I could use it as a snack before going to train, best regards

Thank you very much for your nice feedback.

I just saw this post. The sweets look yummy! I love to use dates instead of sugar. I would like to try this recipe but we don't have dates paste available here. Could I make my own one?

Hi my dear! This is a mauritian halwa! You can use the seedless dates and steam it until you get patties! I hope you try it! Really everyone like it.

wow friend! this looks delicious, to pamper the palate! very good post, good recipe! a delight! 😍😍

Hi thank you very much for your comment.

How delicious and nutritious they look thanks for sharing very good combination

Thank you very much for your support.

this looks really tasty dear happy to see more from you.

Thank you very much my friend for your comment!

Hello friend,? how are you in there?

Hi am fine thanks.

أرغب في مساعدتك على مساعدتي في كيفية إنشاء مشاركة مربحة ، وذلك بفضل صديقي

ello friend, I never imagined that you could make a delicious dessert with lentils, a great idea to have a snack with my girls and my husband, you must know very rich, thanks for sharing your recipe so genuine.

Hi dear! I didn’t made them with lentils that mean you didn’t read the post.

hello dear friend, excuse the bad impression, was that yesterday my husband and I had difficulties with the translator, but if I read your recipe, only we do not know why translated to lentils instead of mass dates, sorry if you uncomfortable.

that rich, an incredible recipe, I adore the sweets, and more than here it became so difficult, eat a simple sweet, but I am surprised that it is a recipe made with lentil grains, every day you learn something new with your wonderful recipes, thanks for sharing.

Hi friend! Please read the post again to know the ingredients which I used.

hello friend, I apologize was a translation error from English to Spanish, that's what happened!, instead of giving me dates gave me lentils.

Ok no problem I understand you.

Un diez definitivamente, muy sencillo y rico.