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Is that a tuna tataki? One of my favorites! Happy Father's Day!

nom nom nom ^^


Sushi!!! Oh, how I love sushi.


no time ... nom nom nom... to talk
sushi... nom nom ... ahead ^^

Hows your sciatica?


serving me well

Thanks. You just cost me at least $75. Gotta go get my omakase sushi now! Lol


I know, right?! It looks worth it.

You spend sooo much money, if that were me I'd be using that to invest so much. I'd be saving to set up a dash supernode or something.


when enough is enough = freedom

Sorry, Craig,
Not that into it.....

Yeah, U R ALL that, but so.. what?


so i am nothing, and nobody

Wow, that place looks amazing! Good to see you're still living the high life :)

Purple way of joy! :)))

Nice, your having a good time with your family. Enjoy yourself, life has no duplicate. Upvote ...

so cool! is that a new car???
such a technologically advanced future family!
japanese food a symbol of bitcoin!
japanese stores have the bitcoin logos everywhere! tablets in ur car such a cool image!
u are proof that its possible to not just live off crypto but THRIVE off crypto!

Likeee it

Uber rides are always sketchy, food looks awesome, haters gonna hate. Happy Father's Day!

Hope you had a Great dinner with your family Craig!

Wow good, eat with family.
I want to join ....

I hope you enjoyed it. In any case you gave me hungry. Good night :)

Interesting post, I like it ...

Looks like fun Craig. So what was more fun - the food or the company you shared. It is nice to see the special times of other steemians. Thanks for sharing. I upvoted.

sushi looks good your friend looks good i love when it comes with eel sauce have fun!

I very much want to wish you a great day! It's not just words, because these are wishes from the heart!

Damn! Makes me hungry at mid of the night. Hope you had a great time.