Try my Favourite easy Snack Potatoe Egg Chop

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Very Delicious Fried Potatoe Egg Chop Recipe

Boiled potatoes is half kg. Boiled 4 egg, Onion 4,5 4,5 of the chopped. Dry-chili powder 1tbsp, chopped Chilli 1/4 cups . Coriander Powder 1tbsp, 1/2 cup fried chopped onion. Salt 1tbsp and Oil for deep frying.
It also needs: 3 shaked eggs. Bread crumble or biscuit powder.


smashed the boiled potatoes and add salt, chilli powder, onion, fried onion, chopped chilli, coriander powder. Mixed them all.

If all is made, then put chop one on a chopped egg and then roll it into a biscuit powder.

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Heat the oil and fry the egg potatoe raw chopped in the oil. Put on tissue paper after deep frying.

Serve it hot with sauce , Hope you enjoy this recipe in Ramadan

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good idea egg snack

Thanx @makesushi if you really enjoy my easy recipe plz vote me :)