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My Buffet Iftar meal for today

It was a nice rainy day today. I was worried if I am gonna miss my iftar meal due to traffic jam and rain. But after so many ups and downs on the road, I finally reached the restaurant. I was literally thundered when I saw the food menu, there was enough food to fill up any ones taste buds.

Food Item Video


After the Maghrib azaan (Prayer call) I broke my fast with the dates and coconut water. Later I started with every single item one by one. Finally I ended up with the desert.

All the food item I ate are shown below













Hope you enjoy watching my delicious meal

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delicious food thanks @craftnet to introduce a nice restaurant.


Thanx @melissab97 but my name is @craftneck not craftnet :p


sorry @craftneck its finger mistak. now its correct


Its Okay Buddy @melissab97

looks yummy


Yeah @xenomic :)

I feel to eat dear


Restuarant ta kothae?


The restaurant is @ Dhanmondi 10 /A on Secret Recipe Building, Lift 7 , Spicy Ramna