Detox water recipe's: promote weight loss, flush your liver, boost immune system!

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As the hot summer weather enters our day, i always love to hydrate my body with detox water. The added flavor to the water makes drinking water delicious and healthy. Instead of buying a detox cure online, you are able to detox your body by adding detox water in your daily regimen. There are a lot different flavors of detox water out there, but you can also always experiment by creating your own magical flavor combination. Last time i just used my imagination to create my own detox water recipe (picture below).

image2 (1).JPG

Drinking detox water can help you lose weight and it gives your body the vitamins and minerals it needs to function properly. Each recipe also has different health benefits. Whenever i notice that i forgot to drink enough water, i always love to make some detox water. As whenever i take the time to create some detox water i just notice that i start drinking a lot more water. Maybe it is because of the fact that the added flavor makes drinking water a lot more fun. Even if you just add a few lemons.

image3 (1).JPG

The ingredients i used to create this infused water recipe:

  • Orange slices
  • Handful of mint leaves
  • Some berries
  • Optional: lemon slices

I also think that detox water could be a perfect way to hydrate yourself during a workout. As detox water doesn't only hydrate your body but it even gives your body some needed vitamins and minerals.

Detox water recipe's for this summer


morning detox.jpg


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This is very nicely made @cookiemonster im gonna try this when i have some avaiable time :) Thank you for sharing!

Am glad you liked it and would like to try it :D

nice post

Thank you :)

Sound good, i have to try this composition! :)

Thank you :) Let me know if you like it :D

Absolutely love it 💚🍑🍓🍇

Thank you :)

Very nice. I will try it :)

Thank you :) Would love to know if you like the recipe's :D

Interesting idea. I wanted to try flavored water, but there were no options. Thank you.

mmm! i used to make something similar but I'd add cucumber- sounds delicious, and perfect for the summer months

I like the simplicity and colour of the graphics here. We need common sense instructions like this. I find it so much easier to drink lots of water when im in a warm climate. My body needs a detox today so great timing. Thank you :)