Trying Stinky Tofu and Duck Blood in Taipei

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I can't name a more iconic duo than stinky tofu and duck blood. Today I tried boiled stinky tofu which is cooked in broth instead of fried. The smell is stronger, more pungent, which means much more flavor. I was a few shops down and I could already smell the tofu.
(Stinky Tofu that's been cooked in broth)

(Duck blood - a traditional Chinese dish. The blood is boiled until it is almost gelatinous then heated up in spicy soup.)

A few days before, I had tried fried stinky tofu which I recommend to everyone. Boiled tofu is a lot stronger and smells like sewage and blue cheese (in a good way ofcourse, all the best foods smell the worst). Fried tofu however has less smell, and is easier to eat. Crunchy outer skin and soft tofu insides. In Taiwan we eat them with pickled cabbage and cilantro.
(Got these babies from Raohe Nightmarket.)


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This is truly weird! So cool!

You have to try it if you ever get the chance

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