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Enjoying The Sun With Some Dumplings

It's been so sunny in Taiwan the last few days, it's giving me major FOMO to be stuck indoors. So for every lunch break I had to go out and buy food that I could bring to the park and enjoy. We've also just moved offices so it's been nice to explore and get to know a new neighborhood.

For lunch we tried out a dumpling store near the office that offered boiled dumplings, soup, and wontons. The hot weather had me feeling the heat so I got an order of spicy wontons.

The weather was beautiful! We decided to sit in NTU, one of Taiwan's largest universities. Everyone was biking around, the leaves were falling, and it felt so good to be outside.

FYI, this is what winter in Taiwan looks like. Tomorrow it changes to 100% chance of rain :( I guess it's a good excuse to grab some hot pot.

What do you like to do on a nice day?

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Weather looks beautiful in Taiwan

It feels beautiful too! I love when it's a little chilly but the sun is out and shining.

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