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Shouldn't be eating carbs this late but when it's pizza and truffle pasta how can you say no to dough? We started off with a calamari mix. Fried squid, anchovies, and baby octopus with a touch of rosemary. Rosemary is one of my favorite herbs, sprinkle a bunch on steak, fried food, or rice, and it instantly lifts the dish.

Next up, bolognese pizza (this is the meat sauce that's usually on pasta.) The dough was fluffy and slightly charred from being wood fire oven cooked. The smell was making me weak, but first a photo. I love my pizza wood fired, it's really the only way to do it. It's a treat for your nose and your tastebuds.

Then came the truffle angel hair. I am a sucker for truffle and will always order either a truffle pizza or pasta. Since we got the bolognese we opted for an angel hair pasta. It was cooked simple to let the aromas really shine. I haven't had it in angelhair pasta before, I usually get thicker strands. But this worked too.

Restaurant: Rosmarino Taipei, Taiwan




What it's like going out to eat with me. Pictures first!

How do you like your pasta or pizza cooked? What secret herbs or add-ons do you prefer?


I'm such a foodie, I love eating food, taking pics of food, thinking about food <3

Aaand I've just become hungry again, thanks!
BTW they say there's nothing wrong about eating carbs late - it even may improve your sleep quality ;)

Haha the carb coma, i've definitely fallen for those. But if a stranger on the internet says I can eat carbs then I will eat carbs!

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