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So fluffy I could die!!

Discovered this little donut shop near my old work place and it quickly became my secret lunch treat. From it's quaint little space and adorable decor, to the fresh airy dough, everything about this shop was perfect. A lot of these pictures are up on my instagram ( where you can see me indulging in my guilty pleasure almost daily.
warning LOTS of donut pics coming up

The store front. To the right was a little garden with two small tables and a bench. Also lots of plants and roses.

Their menu, so cute!

One of their decor pieces.

Raisin donut. My version of being healthy.

Matcha donut with red bean filling. Doughy and sweet.

What the matcha red bean donut looked like before I tore it apart.

Another huge matcha donut. Had a chestnut filling which doesn't really taste like chestnut but had a subtle after taste. Chestnut filling is growing in Asia and becoming more and more popular. I still prefer roasted chestnuts whole, but I can make do with the filling too.

For every food picture there's someone taking a picture of me taking a picture. I'm sorry I can't help it when donuts are this cute!


Omg these look DELICIOUS!! Following you instagram now haha. You made me hungry!

omg just saw your follow hahah thanks!!

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I like it! Subscribe to your blog!

Thank you! I hope you like donuts :)

Please send one of these to me! :D (or all of them)

Haha I really wish I could, I want everyone to try these donuts!

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