new hot pot in Richmond, Canada

in food •  3 months ago 

Yesterday I want out for diner to Doloar shop, one of the popular Chinese hot pot in the world, located in Richmond Canada. It's new style self cooking in simmering pot with different favoured broth. The idea is each person has to order their own broth delivered as individual pots on induction stove-tops built into the table.

I came with myfriend so I ordered three more dishes for sharing. They also offer the condiment and suace bar which we had to pay extra $4 per person. It is like 'all you can eat' for side dishes such as kimchi, assorted fruit, roasted peanut and so on.

wagyu beef, seafood platter, mix veg and variety of sauces

huge shrimp cake

I recommend wagyu beef is very juicy and perfect with with xo sauce and saseme sauce. i think I will come back.

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