Here! Amazingly tasty breakfast in a pot! Stay in shape, be strong and healthy!

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Hello, my lovely Steemians!!! Today I continue the part of my blog about food. And today you going to get a super filling and super delicious option for your breakfast!!!

I usually do my food as healthy as I can, and even the dishes are supposed to be fat and harmful in my kitchen becoming the opposite. Are you ready? Let`s get started.


2-3 сloves of garlic
2 tomatoes big size or 3 mediums
Ham (choose low-fat option and as natural as you can)
Peeper sail
3 eggs (for 3 portions)
Home cheese or mozzarella if you wish


The first step is to cut the garlic into thin pieces, then give it the golden color in a pan. If you use the oil, after you finish take away extra oil with a paper towel.

Then put a little amount of water in a clean pot, chop the tomatoes and put in in the water. I usually don’t make It completely liquid, to my mind, it is better if you can feel small tomato pieces. When your sauce put some salt, pepper, and herbs (Provence herbs are perfect).

Then can your ham in thin slices and put in the bottom of the small clay pots in a circle. Mix your sauce with garlic and put in the pot next.

Preheat oven to 180 degrees. Add some basilic leaves and raw egg (not whisked) in the pot, then put it in the oven for 7-10 minutes until the eggs will get cooked.


Serve your dish with cheese (if you wish) and more fresh basilic.

Voila, you amazingly tasty food is ready!


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