Raw and Vegan fast food by Andro Heim(renowned animal right activist)

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We are really fortunate to have Andro Heim from Switzerland, he is among us nowadays for long-stay during his world cycle tour carrying message Justice For All.
Andro is a renowned animal right activist and on world cycle tour from last 5 years. As he is in our city Udaipur from last 3 weeks, we used to join him for outreaches and discussions on the animal rights issue.

He has a big dream to set up a Vegan Ashram in India where anybody could access information about veganism, could spend the time to live a vegan and sustainable life. To set up an ashram a big land is required so we ( me, @xyzashu, Andro ) visited a nearby village with one of my friends who have a big land and planning to do organic and sustainable agriculture there. To explore any possibilities of setting up a Vegan Ashram we planned this meeting and visit of the land.

We started early and reached an old Jain Pilgrim where we decided to take breakfast. We ordered Poha( sauteed flattened rice) which is vegan by default and black tea. The chef was not aware how to make a black tea as In India tea made in animal milk is more popular and tea by default is considered a tea with animal milk. We guided the chef to make black tea.

While we were waiting for our breakfast Andro took out a plastic jar out of his bag and started to mix something in it. We all were curious what he was doing. He told us that he often keeps it with himself. and it is his easy to make but loaded with energy and nutrition breakfast. It was so simple Just a few bananas and peanut butter. He keeps both separately and whenever required he mix both and smash with the help of a spoon.


He mixed both ingredients for a couple of minutes and his breakfast was ready.


We all tasted his recipe. It was really delicious and easy to make anywhere. I can say it a Raw and vegan fast food.

  • Have you ever tried any such similar fast food? Please share in the comments if you have any such idea of quick, easy and healthy food on the go!

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I eat banana and peanut butter all the time. I’ve never mashed it up like that though lol I’ve been living off veggies for years!

You have a minor misspelling in the following sentence:

He keeps both seperately and whenever required he mix both and smash with the help of spoon.
It should be separately instead of seperately.

Very simple, nutritious and quick breakfast.wow nice idea and great man Andro Heim 👏👏 nice post sir, thanks for sharing with us 😊

My fast food meal is soaked oats (aka over night oats) in warm climate better do it in fridge, ist great, You just mix it with whatever fruits You wnat to make the taste. Lost of carbs = energy.

The idea of opening a vegan ashram sounds great, I am excited to see how everything will turn out for Andro 😉