Do you recognize this vegetable? What do you call it in your language?

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Do you have any idea about this vegetable?

This vegetable harvested in the rainy season at our place in India. If you ever used it, what do you call it in your language? How do you cook it?
It is not bitter gourd



Please leave your answer in the comment.

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I am not sure but I think it is named as Kantola..

We do not have this fruit in Austria but it looks interesting.

We do not have this
Fruit in Austria but it
Looks interesting.

                 - gormogon

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Hi Sir, I just saw your blog.... Sorry for the delay in reading. We call this vegetable as Phagil Here. We made only Bhujias and we call it Phodi...
Make some tamarind juice. Add chilli powder, salt and pinch of turmeric powder, mix well. Dip the thin slices of phagil for 15 minutes and then roll in samolina and deep fry. It tastes so yummy...!!

This is so interesting, I never knew that bhujia can be made of this vegetable.

किंकोड़ा 😊

This is Momordica dioica, commonly known as spiny gourd or spine gourd.. In my language kankrol.. We fry this one with salt and turmeric powder and sliced green chilli.. Nice taste.. Not bitter..

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we can make very testy vegetable using this. many plant of this in my village and near village farm and forest. the Hindi name of this vegetable is "अमरतिया और किकोड़ा "

This is call "kankoda" dear friend.. haha

oooh. What is it?

It is Spine gourd.

Nunca lo he visto, por consiguiente no se como se prepara.

It is called rachird vegetables

They are looking like green mouse

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Ha ha nice imagination! @nkleet

Ahh i hate this but thought one of the best green vegetable @chetanpadliya bhai

Ni idea, como se llama?

Ahh i hate this but thought one of the best green vegetable @chetanpadliya bhai

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Hmmm, never seen this one before, what does it taste like? What is it called in your language?

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