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Alright y’all, I don’t know if I’ve said this before, if I have, I apologize, I was wrong, what ever dish or meal I was referring to as being the best I had ever made, was just not. Because ladies and gentlemen this here meal, this here meal is by far one of the best I have EVER! produced. (She said shouting at the top of her voice)

I loved everything about it and I think you all will too. Let’s get into it.

For The Chicken
6-8 chicken drummies skin on.
Kewpie Japanese dressing ( sesame Soy) or just use sesame oil and sesame seeds and soy sauce.
White pepper
Garlic powder
Crushed Red pepper

For The Potatoes
Large onion chopped
3-4 Potatoes boiled and cubed (skins on)
Green bell pepper chopped
Cayenne pepper
Curry powder
Black pepper
White pepper
Garlic powder
knob of butter
Extra Virgin Olive Oil 3-4 tbs

For the Rice
Fiber medley just 1/2 cup of red rice and 1/2 a cup of brown rice

For The Salad

Let's get cooking.
Clean the drumsticks leaving the skin on. You can either put them in a zip lock baggie or a big bowel for the marinade, I kinda did both. Put all the sauces and seasonings in a jug or cup and mix well and divide into 2.




Sauces and seasonings for the chicken.


The dry stuff.


Get mixing.


We Love honey.

Next up pour half of the marinade over the chicken and make sure you cover all the drummies. Pop in a ziplock baggie and set in the fridge for a couple of hours.


Of course it's ok to skip this step and do this in a ziplock bag.

Let these guys chill for a while

about an hour before getting the checkout out to grill, prepare for the rest of the dishes. Rice first. Cook the rice in a rice cooker or pot. Nothing special just as you always cook rice.

I usually cook brown, red, or black rice. I try to stay away from the white stuff.

While the rice is going you can prepare for the potatoes. These are really easy to make, scrub and boil the potatoes until they are cooked but still fairly firm enough to cut without them falling apart, once cooked and cut, set potatoes aside.

Fry the onions in with EVOO

Next peel and chop the onion and fry in a pan with the olive oil until brown, Add the potatoes to the pan and carefully fry turning the onion and potato mix every few minutes.


Next add the spices and seasoning and let the potatoes cook until they are slightly crispy. Finally add the chopped green bell pepper to the mix and turn for a couple of minutes, add the knob of butter then remove from the heat.


These curried potatoes are on point





Back to the chicken, remove from the baggie onto a backing tray. Grill in the oven on a high temperature ( I did 245 degrees centigrade) for 45-50 minutes, Half way through the grilling, baste the chicken with the remaining half of the marinade and grill unit dark in color. Finally sprinkle crushed red pepper over the cooked chicken.


Chicken Drummies


Let's have a taste.


Ha Ha ok so it's a meal prep so of course get your containers ready so we can have the food cooling as we prepare the salad. There is really not much to do with the salad. To keep the veggies fresh and crunchy try to remove moisture as much as possible. So the tomatoes should be drained and wedged, not in that order of course. Also remove the juicy center of the cucumber and slice. Shake all the moisture off of the lettuces and you are all set.


Meal Prep Done!


This food was supposed to last me at least 3-4 days but I had friends come over that night and I lost my whole meal prep lol. I am not complaining though love cooking for my friends.

Alrighty that is that. This meal was fun to make and definitely fun to eat. Hope you enjoy the pictures and trying the recipe. I don't measure much I go on instinct unless I'm baking but if you do have questions about measurements drop me a line in the comments..

Don't forget to up vote, resteem, and comment. See you again soon.


Did i eat this?? I salivated while reading, dude. Lol.

I am sure copying the chicken recipe. Will prep it sometime this week.

And most most definitely the potatoe recipe.. Fuuuddggeeeee, i am hungry. Lol
Love you.. I mean the recipe. Lol

Gosh you are the best. Your comments always make me smile bae. No you did not eat this one it was the first time the girls came to my house and I hadn't cooked for them actually it was meal prep but I wanted to feed them lol. The potatoes were by far my fave part of this meal. loVE YOU!!!

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