GENESIS Cookies for China shutting down BTC exchanges

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It's all over the news, Wall Street and Bloomberg! The Central Bank of China have prepared a draft on stopping commercial BTC trading on domestic exchanges. We all know that China is one of the biggest world market of BTC, should we worry on its surprising move?

Anyway, the regulators have their power and we as ordinary investors of cryptocurrencies and BTC should always be ready on all our decisions in trading and investing on these digital currencies.

How about some energy boosting cookies for you while you are trading today?


Here are our ingredients:

We will need a coconut milk, 4 mashed bananas (left bowl) and the following (from the right bowl):

*1 cup of Ground oats
*1 cup of Wheat oats
*4 tbspn of shredded coconut
*1 tspn peanut butter (only 5% of sugar)
*1 tspn of cinnamon powder
*1 tspn of honey
*and a handful of raisins, seeds (any, in this recipe I have sesame, sunflower and pumpkin)


Mix it up thoroughly! Then form them into circles to easily flatten them before putting them into the oven. Make sure your hands are clean! :)


Pre-heat your oven to 150 C for 15 minutes and cook them for 20-30 minutes.

Enjoy your yummy cookies! Look who I caught eating my cookies! hahaha :)


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A easy recipe, thanks!


Thanks! Let me know once you tried it. :)

I've started eating oats a few months ago because of the Protine, it's not bad but doesn't tast that good either, I think should try this , thanks.


Thanks! It's better to use ground oats in baking than flour. And for protein, you can always have chia seeds, sunflower or nuts. They also have good source of protein. :)