Are you a big fan of potatoes? Try these home-made mojos! ✨🥔

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Trying to think of a good afternoon snack for your movie marathon? Are you bored with the usual French Fries? What else can you do with your good old potatoes? My friends and I were actually thinking about the same thing earlier. I invited them to come over to my house to spend the Saturday afternoon and maybe have some bonding time through cooking and movie marathon. And a good movie marathon experience is not complete without the perfect snack to munch on while enjoying what's on the screen. Popcorns are basic and french fries is too common already. And so, we all came up with this, presenting to you some "Home-made Potatoe Mojos!"


This one is actually very delicious and tasty and it's a level up from the usual French fries. Here's how we did it.

Home-made Potatoe Mojos


Potatoes (5 medium-sized pieces is okay)
Breading Mix
Eggs ( 2 pieces)
Cooking oil
Salt to taste


1st. Cut potatoes into thin slices.


2nd. Beat the eggs and add salt to taste


3rd. Dip the potatoe slices into the beaten eggs


4th. Make sure to coat the potatoe slices with the Breading Mix


For this we used "Crispy Fry Breading Mix". (You can also choose the Spicy one if you prefer)


We're able to use 4 small packs of Crispy Fry for this

Make sure to coat very well.


5th. Fry until Golden Brown!


That was it! It was that easy! You can actually do it at home or on your own. But for us, it was much enjoyable with friends. We had so much fun doing this earlier.


And here's our "Home-made Potatoe Mojos"! We definitely loved it's tasty and sumptuous taste. It actually tastes like fried chicken already and is perfect for whatever sauce or dips you like and also the best combination for your weekend afternoon movie marathon! Enjoyyy!





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fantastic homemade food


Yes it is! Try it some other time. :)

The food looks delicious. Thanks for sharing @chastityyy110 :) God bless and more power!


It is really delicious! That's why I'm sharing it. :) Please go ahead and try it.


I will @chastityyy110 :) God bless!

I tried that also..:)it was very good!