5 Awesome Benefits of Tiger Nuts/ How to prepare Tiger Nut Drink

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Hello everyone, i want to talk about a nut that’s been highly praised recently though it has been around for a really long time and it is Tiger Nut. Tiger nut they say but i call it wonder nut because of its abundance of nutritional value. Tiger nut are not nuts though (if you are worried of nut allergies) but small tubers that grow under the ground. It is not just nutritious, it is also very tasty. Enough of the introduction lets dig right in into the benefits.

1) Rich Source of protein: Tiger nut is a rich source of non meat protein. Its protein content is a great supplement of animal protein in a vegetarian diet.

2) Zero Allergies: Are you lactose intolerance? Worry not for there is hope for you yet. Medical evidence has shown that tiger nut has no lactose. Its milk is very healthy for children as it supports bone development.

3) High Fibre Content: the fibre concentration in tiger is very high and also higher than those of the regular fibre meal like oat, carrot and apple. The fibre is useful in the relieving of constipation, lowers the cholesterol level and also, the non-soluble fibre controls diabetes by regulating the sugar levels in the blood.

4) Rich in Vitamins and Minerals: Tiger nut is exceptionally rich in vitamins and minerals but it has an exceptionally high concentration of vitamins E and C, Phosphorus and Calcium. The magnesium in tiger nut helps regulate blood pressure and maintains and encourage muscle formulation. The oleic acid found in vitamin E reduces the risk of heart failure.

5) May act as an aphrodisiac: Some Nigerians and other parts of the Sub-Saharan have swore to tiger nut being a natural aphrodisiac. Although there is no medical evidence to support this claim, they say a drink combination of Tiger nut, date and coconut is used as sexual stimulant.

How to prepare Tiger nut drink
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Ingredients: Tiger nuts, Coconut and Dates

Method of preparation (1st Step)
Wash the tiger nut and soak overnight
Wash the date, soak to soften it and deseed
Cut your coconut into little pieces

2nd Step
Add water to soaked tiger nut, dates, coconut and blend together to a mixture
Sieve the mixture and extract the drink
Chill and drink
Your tiger nut drink is easy to prepare


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